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Color Matters?

My complaint about black political leaders is that most of them are ignorant Democrats!  The overwhelming majority of black Democrats are little more than self-serving pimps, taking advantage of the people they serve.  Most if not all have benefitted dramatically—financially speaking—since becoming Congressmen, while there has been no significant gains in the black community that don’t point back to Republican policies of the mid-1800’s.

The good news is black Conservatives and the rest of America have had enough. There are many black Conservatives entering the political arena, and this group of blacks is very different from their Democrat counterpoints.

Black Conservatives are actually professional, knowledgeable, ethical, and dare I say articulate and clean!  People like Allen West, running for Congress in FL and Michael Williams running for the Senate in TX are stellar examples of individuals who know that Guam won’t “tip over” if too many people are on the island!  They along with others will bring common sense government to a political system run amuck!

Iin a few cases however, I believe black “Conservatives” are simply wolves in “black sheep” clothing.  There are Liberals attempting to infiltrate the Conservative Republican movement, disguised as “black.”  These blacks play on the idea that a RINO black candidate might replace a Democrat, given the temperament of the Tea Party movement.  Unfortunately, in small part, it’s working.

Take the Texas District 30 Republican Run-Off Election for U.S. House of Representative for example.  There are two candidates, a black Pastor, and a Jewish attorney.  The black candidate, Pastor Stephen Broden’s campaign slogan for the runoff election is simply:  “Color Matters!”

At a time when America has elected a black president, how is it possible that a supposed Conservative Republican candidate would run on the mantra “Color Matters?” What are we, circa ’60’s, and supporting the racist Democrat Party platform plank?

And if indeed, “color matters,” given the makeup of Texas District 30—about 1/3 black, 1/3 Hispanic, and 1/3 white—I guess Pastor Broden will represent only 1/3 of his district?

Running on the basis that your opponent’s skin is white is not forward thinking, and it’s not what the Tea Party movement is about.  It is not what America represents.  I believe this mantra is insulting to all Americans, particularly at a time when America has demonstrated repeatedly that she is not a racist country.

Pastor Broden has also said that “there are too many lawyers in Congress,” so why send a Jewish lawyer.  While I respect the role of some pastors in America’s history, I believe the Republicans got “out-lawyered” on DeathCare.  So having a competent Jewish (or other) attorney on our side might be just what the multi-cultural doctor ordered?

Broden has no demonstrated proven capabilities in drafting or understanding legislation, or perhaps he plans to just sign the bills without reading them?

Color Matters Broden’s idea of immigration reform includes work permits for ALL illegal aliens, yes even those with aggravated felonies. Being blunt, I expect our Congressmen to respect our laws—especially the good ones like having immigrants enter our country legally…as all other countries require!

Broden’s competitor—the Jewish lawyer—is Sheldon Goldstein.  How could a Jew, and an ATTORNEY no less, expect to face off against a black Democrat woman in a Democrat gerrymandered district…and win?! Consider just how racist that question is!  America is ready for a black president, but they aren’t ready for a Jewish Congressman in a black district? Oy vey! I guess America is a racist country…for Jewish lawyers!

Before Goldstein became a Jewish lawyer, he was a noted Jewish artist, and an unquestionable success. His works are on display throughout museums in the U.S., Europe, and Africa.  African leader Buthelezi endorsed Goldstein’s work, praising Goldstein as “a man of character,” based on personal interaction with Goldstein in South Africa.

After retiring from the art world and returning to the U.S., Goldstein started a Collectibles business, where again he built a successful business.

In 1999 Goldstein returned to school, got his law degree, earning the title of Jewish Lawyer!  And as Jewish lawyers, with focus and determination, and not stepping on the neck of anybody—except a few opposing counsel—Goldstein built a successful law practice in the district in which he plans to serve. Those damn Jews!

Here’s the wrap:

To say that Eddie Bernice Johnson has represented black people in her district, is to say that the chicken hawk represents the chickens!  The only visible gains in that district under Eddie Bernice Johnson have been for Eddie Bernice Johnson. No new jobs, no new opportunities; just less of the same! An apparently former Democrat, does Broden really offer than much of a difference?

Goldstein’s reward for being willing to take a pay cut, and represent ALL colors of people, is he is labeled a carpet-bagging Jewish lawyer.  Blacks and Jews have heard the cries of racism before…just not from Republicans.

For the grass roots to select a candidate simply on the idea that “color matters” would make us no better than the people who voted for Obama.  We would be wrong to do so.

The idea that a man with the grit and determination, and bona fide record of success like Sheldon Goldstein can’t beat Eddie Bernice Johnson is in my opinion equivalent to the grass roots saying that we can’t beat Obama.  Again, that idea would be wrong!  In 2012, Obama will learn that he is a one-term president.

All this said, I am not telling people to support Goldstein necessarily, though I do, and have consulted with him about his campaign. I am saying to you, what I said to my black friends that voted for “hope and change,” and that is:  Make sure you know what you are getting from the candidate that you support.  Because I live in a world where color doesn’t matter!

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