Illegal Immigration – Reprise

I love when illegal immigrants decide to march against America…in America!  What  a great reminder of American exceptionalism!

America is so great a country that immigrants are willing to leave their homes to get here.  It’s tough to get me to leave my home to go to a movie, much less move to another country!  Think about what it would take for you to abandon your possessions, your way of life, family and friends to go to another country to live. 

In the old days, immigrants were escaping oppressive government in order to get to the U.S. to find  the American Dream…for opportunity; legally.  More recently however many immigrants now come to America for the opportunity to drain our system, illegally. And they are being invited by the Left.

Mexicans are flooding into America, because their country can’t provide opportunity. Why remain in Mexico working for a living, when you can come to the U.S. and get free housing, a food credit card, a cell phone, a car, and have access to the best medical system  in the world…at least for now. 

Would anybody in their right mind want to immigrate to Mexico for their definition of “opportunity?” They have no jobs, abject poverty, drug lords, a government more corrupt than our own Congressional Black Caucus!  No wonder Mexicans are saying “Hasta la vista, Baby!” And so is about every other immigrant population.

Mexicans could head south into South and Central America.  But they don’t. They come to America. South and Central Americans march right through Mexico to immigrate, usually illegally into the U.S.  You’d think that a few of them would stop along the way and say, “You know, I think I will stay in Mexico City or Acapulco…it’s not so bad here!” But they do not!  They continue marching towards the “tyranny of the U.S.”

It is this illegal influx that has caused American citizens to say enough is enough.  This issue is about enforcing America’s laws, and not allowing the false issue of “foreigners doing jobs Americans don’t want” rule the day.

At present unemployment rates, Americans are certainly more willing than in the past to consider ANY job.  There are many examples of ICE raids that have occurred where illegal immigrants were deported, and the next day American citizens were lined up to accept these so-called “jobs Americans don’t want.”  A convenient excuse for the Left to use to allow approximately 20M illegals residents the opportunity to vote…Democrat!

Adding insult to insanity, Al “Where’s the Camera” Sharpton compares America’s lack of enforcement of our laws to Apartheid in South Africa!

So let me get this right, a group of non-Africans, the Dutch, oppress the indigenous people of Africa, the Africans, and Mexicans see this as a parallel to what is happening to Mexicans illegally living in America? 

No Sharpton, Mexicans (and others!) have entered our country illegally!  They should have no rights, except to be treated humanely and shipped back to the apparently miserable countries they left.  However because of the ignorant Left in this country they expect to be treated better than our citizens…and they ARE!

Non-citizens of the US are demanding rights that would not be availed to US citizens in similar circumstances in other countries. Don’t believe me.  The Mexicans in this video see “quantity of Mexicans in LA” as proof that America is their country. 

Here’s the wrap:

There is never a discussion of the process of immigration into other countries by people from the U.S.  When was the last time somebody from America entered other countries illegally?  Oh that’s right, it was two reporters who entered North Korea and were jailed!  Does anybody recall that it took a former president to obtain their release? Not that anybody wants to, but to expatriate to Mexico for example is, in a word…astounding.  And it’s not easy in most any country!

But Obama is upset by the enforcement of our laws!  The man who swore to uphold the Constitution of the U.S. openly scoffs at our laws!

Americans for the most part seem to love living here.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have never seen a group of Americans marching for their rights to be illegally in another country. We visit, have a few lattes, then head back to our Motherland.  We don’t want to change anything, when we go to other countries.  Yet, when immigrants get here, they seem to want to “change” America to what they just left? 

Which is it, America is exceptional and everybody wants to be here. Or, America is “the bully of the world,” and everybody still wants to be here!

I say this to all illegal immigrants in America, “If you don’t like the laws of America, take your sorry butts home!”

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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