Is Obama Killing Hollywood?

Can anybody else tell that Hollywood is feeling the kick in the crotch from ObamaNation?!  Well if you’re missing it, allow me to enlighten you.

In Hollywood, there is a hierarchy!  A pecking order!  Movie stars are at the acme, the pinnacle. TV stars are not!  It’s really that simple.

There are B-listers in the movies, who represent the dregs.  As for TV, there are the Soap stars, and now the new bottom-feeders, reality show “stars.”  As with all things there are nuances, but this is the gist.

Noticeably missing in the movies these days are the former BIG stars.  Big stars demand BIG money, and Hollywood is not flush with cash. 

Tom Cruise hasn’t done anything in a long time, and there are many others who are missing in action.  Anybody remember the last movie Meg Ryan made? Wesley Snipes?  Danny Glover? Ben Affleck?  It’s easier to name the few who are getting regular gigs.

There is the comedy troupe that is making most of the comedies, led by Seth Rogen (the guy with the Jew-fro), and then there is Matt Damon with the Bourne Series.  You have people like Steve Carell doing double-duty, hedging his bets in the world that is Obama. And he is smart to do it. As my grandfather would say, “Get while the getting is good!”

Add Jim Carrey and Clooney’s Clan and that’s about it.  After that, it’s Disney and LucasFilms, for the most part.

The shift to animated movies has created a glut, and so has technology. Animated movies are a lot less expensive to make, and talent is a lot less precocious! 

Post-production editing has all but eliminated the need for actors, and in many cases they only use the voiceover work of the A-listers as a draw to the movies.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the writing on the wall.

Add the Obama administration to the mix, and you end up with former A-list movie stars, yes the crème de la crème now appearing on TV shows. And not just cameos, but taking substantial roles.

Jeff Goldblum for example is now a regular on Law and Order: Criminal Intent.  This is a guy who was in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies.  The Big Chill, Jurassic Park (yes, all three!), and Independence Day, to name a few.  Yet, Jeff is stooping to TV!

But he is not the only one. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio whose most notable movie roles were Scarface, and The Perfect Storm, and she has had a decent Hollywood career.  However Mastrantonio has succumbed to the plight of many Hollyweirdos, and is now bottom-feeding as well, as she recently followed in the footsteps of Goldblum, joining Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Another former movie star, Sharon Stone has joined Law and Order: SVU. Now she doesn’t have anywhere near the pedigree of Goldblum or even Mastrantonio, however she is still considered a “movie star”.

Stone did a series of small roles, before Basic Instinct propelled her career.  I will give her props for playing the druggie wife of De Niro in Casino. But Stone’s double dippin’ days may be over…at least for now, thanks to Obama.

Here’s the wrap:

Hollyweird is fortunate that there are so many Law and Orders, and that the series has provided a safe landing ground for many ex-movie stars.  Because even with over 200 channels, America is feeding its indulgence for pop culture with the likes of American Idol, Making the Band, Survivor, Big Brother, Wife Swapping, I Want to Work for Diddy, and so on. No big names on those shows.

What those shows demonstrate is the shift from the big names, and scariest for Hollyweird…their inability to control the message!

Now that everybody is an actor, the price of acting has gone way down, and I’m talking “made in China” pricing. 

When unemployment is in double-digits and growing, the public doesn’t spend much on movies!  So for Hollywood, desperate times call for desperate measures. Desperate measures means that maybe America is looking for another point of view?

One result of this is Conservatives are actually “coming out” in Hollywood, no longer afraid to state their political views. This development has created an alternative Hollywood, perhaps one with a more conservative view.  One such view is, a group that will offer Conservative programming couldn’t have launched at a better time.  I predict they will join Fox in offering the voice of reason in America in short order. And they are offering work…for Conservatives!

As for the Hollyweirdo Lefties, many are feeling the pinch, but they will never admit it. They long for the days of a Republican controlled Congress, that they affectionately call “The Clinton Years!” 

I predict America will begin seeing a lot less support of ObamaNation and a lot more support for America from Hollyweird sooner than we might have envisioned.

Oh, and my prediction:  Being Will Smith will be the next reality series!

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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