Racism Biden Style

The idea that even after Biden made this faux pas a while back, Obama STILL selected him as his Vice President, shows you just how “smart” Obama is. Biden’s selection as VP is one of the reasons I invested in Harvard diploma toilet paper. My stock is up 487% since Jan ’10!

In reviewing the clip below, ask yourself how these comments would have been received, if Biden were a Republican?

Biden’s comments are offensive to the black community on so many levels, that one would actually think they are part of a joke. They are not. He said this with his own mouth, and as you can see with conviction. His Tourette-like ramblings are typical of the racist Democrat mentality that I showcase regularly, i.e. Reids “light-skinned with no Negro dialect,” and the many others.

As you watch this video, note the reaction of all those “silly Negros” in the audience. Heads shaking in agreement, smiling, but showing a bit of discomfort. At the end of the clip, Al Sharpton raises an eyebrow, but not his voice in opposition.  He just sits on his lips!

In the clip, we find that Biden wants to help po’ black folks, because black folks can’t help ourselves. According to him, “…it takes the medical and the white communities’ focus” on black folks to help us out! How could any freedom-loving Democrats expect blacks to help themselves?!!!

Biden goes on to tell us just how altruistic he is, “…going through the black sections of my town, holding rallies in parks…!”

What struck me first is that Biden’s town has a “black section” of town—obviously not where HE lives. I wonder if blacks can live outside of their assigned areas, like they can in Republican towns? I wonder if there are any poor whites or Mexicans in “the black section” of town. Do they have their own mayor? Snap! Of course they do…their assigned member of the Congressional Black Caucus! Oh my bad, it’s the morning DJ of the black radio station.

Biden apparently knows that blacks love parks. It’s where we sell our drugs and our women. So by targeting the parks to do his good deeds, Biden was able to hit many black folks in one swoop. I bet he served BBQ chicken and red kool-aid, to insure a large gathering of silly Negros.

Once gathered, Biden then lectured black men on how to be real men, saying, “…it’s not unmanly to wear a condom.” My readers should know that based on my grandmother’s warning and Biden’s sage advice, I am never without clean underwear and have begun wearing a condom at ALL times…in case I get in a car wreck!

Biden’s advice to black women was equally profound, dare I say deep! Biden informed black women “…they [black women] can say no!”

A Nobel Peace Prize moment as far as advice goes wouldn’t you say?  First suffrage, now THIS for black women! Black women no longer have to be raped by black men, perhaps ANY man, not even their white Democrat “masters?!”  This revelation is up there with Reid’s comment alluding that wives no longer have to be beaten by their unemployed husbands.

Black women might have felt liberated, had they not understood that Biden was telling them to stop gapping their legs for just any ol’ dude!

Finally, Biden put “Barack” on front street, saying they had both been tested for AIDS! How did Biden know THIS back in 2007. Did they go together like “girls at the nightclub?”

The idea of both these men—married for quite some time—would decide to get tested for AIDS did make this writer wonder. When you consider how much time the VP would need to spend with the Prez, and the closeness of the relationship, and the fact that Biden shouldn’t be allowed near a steak knife, well you see where I am going with this.

Here’s the wrap:

Biden’s “innocent” comments expose the real racism that the Democrat elite—black and white—feel toward poor blacks. Not a single black Democrat spoke out about this racist statement. This is because, most of the black elites actually AGREE with Biden. And for the small percentage who don’t, they weren’t willing to call him what he is…the most ignorant of racists.

Biden is the most ignorant of racists, because he doesn’t even know he is one! Biden is in remedial racism, like most Guilters.

But the black racists in the audience, racist against the black poor, and anybody willing to truly help them—[clear throat] Republicans—would not dare call Biden out on his obviously racist and incendiary comments. Calling Biden out could potential ruin the racism gravy train!

Thus, as with all things Liberal, Biden got a pass. From the media and from the black “Talented 10th.”[1]

Do I really need to tell you what would have happened to a Republican who would have said what Biden said?

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

[1] http://teachingamericanhistory.org/library/index.asp?document=174 WEB DuBois discussion of the Talented Tenth, whereby “the Negro race, like all races, is going to be saved by its exceptional men…”

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