Sucker Punched

Recently Obama was all smiles when Obama recently quipped that, “You would think they should be saying thank you,” about the Tea Party movement!

I predict in November of 2010 and 2012 Obama will get his “thank you,” when Tea Partiers slap that smile off his face!  However before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s remember that after our exuberance over ruining the filibuster in the Senate with the election of Scott Brown, we still got outlawyered.  Despite overwhelming opposition, Obama and team passed DeathCare.

Far be it for me to say that Obama can’t be beat. He can be, and he will be. However, I won’t allow Conservatives to become complacent. It is not the punch you see that knocks you out, it’s the one you don’t see. And this group of sissies is strategizing on how to throw phantom punches, which are better known as “sucker” punches.

Using fight terminology to describe how sissies fight is merely metaphorical.  Because sissies punch like little girls. Actually a better description might be how Obama throws the first pitch in a baseball game.  But when it comes to fighting legal battles, sissies fight like Revenge of the Nerds, and they can get downright ugly.

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. – Sun Tzu

One secret to understanding Obama and his ilk is to know that they do NOT care about being right on an issue. Being right has nothing to do with the game.  The real game is the Left’s ability to impose their will, no matter the issue.

You don’t want healthcare?  The Left doesn’t care.  You get healthcare, whether you like it or not.  The Republicans did all they could to stop DeathCare; they just didn’t know their enemy.

Everyone began counting on the Scott Brown effect; meanwhile Obama’s henchmen changed the battle plan.   Though the MA loss was painful, the Democrats shifted strategy, knowing that the Republicans would not see past that short-lived victory.  Then came the sucker punch!

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The Republicans didn’t it coming.  How demoralizing to think they had won with the Scott Brown victory, only to get knocked out a few weeks later! This is because Republican leaders of today are the smartest dumb guys in politics! They fight the same fight, every time!

Republicans find themselves in the same position in November of 2010, as they were with DeathCare. They are confident that the grass roots movement and taxpayer outrage will save them.  Perhaps.  However it’s time the Republicans began saving themselves, by becoming REAL Republicans.

The Tea Party movement is laying the groundwork to win back America, but much of what is happening is a strategy for the future. Republicans and Conservatives need to embrace strategies that can make impact today!

Both Republicans and the Tea Party movement seems to dismiss Sun Tzu’s admonition:   “Know thy enemy!”  The enemy is racism…from the Left!

Ironically, even Michael Steele doesn’t appear to know this.  In the new poll that show 23% of non-whites like the Republican Party, down 5% from when Steele took over as Chairman of the RNC. As evidenced in this poll, Steele has done nothing to address the great record of race in the Republican Party, nor has the Tea Party done a good enough job attracting diversity to the movement.

Here’s the wrap:

Without taking racism head on, Conservatives will make gains, but they won’t win the war—at least not long-term.  Conservatives must lay the foundation for easy, consistent Conservative political victories, and I have not seen a real roadmap for this to date…except mine!

Global themes like “hope and change” work with Obamabots, because those themes allow the public to create whatever imagery they want.

However, things like, “smaller government and less taxes” does not resonate with America, when 50% or more of the people are getting some government handout.

Conservatives are dusting the cobwebs off  the Contract with America creating the new and improved, Contract from America—a retread of the former.  It may sound clever to fellow Conservatives, however Contract with America failed, as will the Contract from America. Neither is of interest to the 50% of the people we need to reach!

It’s time for the Republicans and the grass roots to begin affecting the people of America…directly! We need projects that affect the people…directly.

If we do this, then we can and will give Obama the “thanks,” he deserves, and sucker punch him back into the private sector.

That’s my rant!

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