America’s Problem IS Racism

It may sound like a broken record, but racism is costing America TRILLIONS of dollars! Every piece of legislation that is being passed today is due to the managing of the crooks in the Congressional Black Caucus by some far Left extremist(s).

Fannie/Freddie is requesting even more money, yet they have proven to be ineffective money pits. Aside from asking for another $8B, as stated in this report, the duo of Fannie and Freddie show no signs of stopping the hemorrhaging, as reported by AP here:

Freddie Mac lost 7.87B last quarter almost $26 billion last year, a total of almost $80 billion since the housing crisis started in 2007, is bracing for more pain. The McLean, Va.-based company said a record 4 percent of its borrowers are at least three months behind on their payments and facing foreclosure. Its chief executive, Charles Haldeman, warned Wednesday of a “potential large wave of foreclosures” still to come. The two companies have already siphoned $111 billion from the government to stay afloat. That number is expected to hit $188 billion by fall 2011.

Not exactly “chump change,” even in the era of “The Black President Who Outspent ALL the White Ones!” 

Fast forward to “The Clinton Years,” and you get Franklin Raines.  Raines was the Clinton-appointed CEO of Freddie Mac from 1999 until 2004, when he abruptly retired.  Harvard and Oxford educated Raines managed to help Freddie Mac lose billions of dollars, as he pocketed millions.  He eventually settled with the Fed, paying back a few million of the more than 90 million dollars he “stole.”

Raines’ fraud doesn’t end there. Unhappy with the multi-millions he siphoned from tax payers, Raines decided to cash in on the next big farce, that of global climate change.  And that’s because Raines stands to make billions with his “patent” on the creation of a carbon exchange.  Yes America, Raines want to sell AIR with Monopoly money, only we will use REAL money to pay for it. 

Which brings us to Obama’s continual need to mention global climate change, a farce long exposed as a hoax bigger than the boogeyman.  Further, Obama wants to pass Cap and Trade, because all this fits the strategy for him and his elitist Harvard pricks to get paid, but GOOD!

In truth, Raines should be in jail, as should Obama and half the Democrats in Congress.

And this gross incompetence is rampant in government.  The USPS lost $3.9B last year and says here it will incur losses of $238B over the next ten years unless they…cut back to five days a week!  Well why not just cut it to ONE day per week?  No wait, better suggestion:  Just don’t deliver the mail, and say you did.

Medicare is yet another failed government bureaucracy soaking taxpayers for trillions, and Social Security is about as secure as a donut in Rosie O’Donnell’s rotund fingers.

How this type of gross mismanagement and incompetence is allowed to go on continually and unchecked?  To answer this “rhetorical” question, let’s revisit Franklin Raines. 

When Republicans asked to investigate Raines, almost every black member in Congress made charges of racism, because—surprise—Raines is black. I guess Democrats believe blacks are not intelligent enough to accomplish a white collar crime!  Lest they forget, Raines attended HAAAvaaad! As far as white collar crime goes, I must give Raines his props, because that brotha got over!

The cry of racism created the so-called war on poverty and is estimated to have cost America over $9T since the 1970’s.  Social engineering they call it. But the engineering was never meant to provide a way for minorities to succeed.  In fact the success of minorities had nothing to do with it.  The engineering was structured to line the pockets of the elite for decades, and it worked.

Here’s the wrap:

We’ve allowed a group of flower-children, drug-abusing ex-hippies to ruin our country, and for the most part we are still letting them get away with it. Their weapon is racism. They use the one thing that defines America’s greatness—America’s willingness to accept anybody and everybody—and they wield it recklessly, and for their own political agenda.  Because we don’t confront them, we find ourselves debating the absurd. 

For example, there is not ONE country in the world who allows for illegal immigration, and you certainly can’t expect ENTITLEMENTS! Yet we find ourselves discussing this subject with the Left as if it’s rational. 

We have a new Supreme Court pick who, like Obama…has no experience! Then again, why should experience matter, when you are hell bent on the destruction of America?!

The recent incident where the kids were suspended for wearing American flags on Cinco de Mayo, as if American children should sacrifice our sovereignty, because Mexicans want to celebrate something meaningless to us. And there are dozens of other examples.

Simply put, racism by the Left is killing America. It’s costing TRILLIONS, and I suggest somebody out there heed my warning, and help us—DONATE—to stop these morons. 

Try to imagine a political process where race is truly not an issue.

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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