Atlanta School Showcases Democrat Racism

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By now you may have heard that a history teacher in Atlanta, Georgia, allowed her students to dress up as members of the old Democrat intimidation arm known as the KKK, as part of a video assignment on the history of racism in America. The students taking part in the class project passed through their school cafeteria wearing white Klan hoods last Thursday. It won’t be long before the racism thugs are out in full force. You will recognize them, because they are the real racists…the Democrats!

The more truthful story might have been if the teachers themselves had just donned their robes and come to school as Klan members!

I believe it was Thomas Sowell who said, [pp] “America couldn’t have designed a worse school system for blacks had they allowed the KKK itself to do it!” Well in this man’s not so humble opinion on this subject, the KKK did design America’s school system!

While we are treated ad nauseum to the shameful civil rights past of America, what is noticeably missing is the culprit!

The real culprits, racist Democrats  have instead managed to pass their cross-burning, Negro-hating racist legacy onto the people who fought their whole lives—including today—to defend civil rights of blacks and others–they would be the good guys, the Republicans.

So the backlash for this teacher is not so much that she had students appear in full Klan garb, moreso that she has now allowed for circumspection of the role of Democrats in the Civil Rights movement.  Put another way, she released from the cage the Democrats demon seed, the bastard child of the Democrat Party, namely the little ne’er-do-wells dressed in a white robe. Democrats prefer their version of Chucky stay hidden, and be brought out only when it’s time to scare black “chirrens.”

You’d have to be obtuse not to notice that Democrats use race as a polarizing issue, and at every turn make reference to Republicans as “the Klan.”  Teachers discuss civil rights and the klan, but cleverly omit that Democrats spawned the organization.

The media steps in to do its part, so masterfully so that most Americans don’t even realize that the very same Republican Party of today is the party that freed the slaves.  Oh and by the way these same Republicans outlawed the racist activities of the Klan in the 1871 Civil Rights act, and a host of other Democrat racist legislation.

Teachers these days, by and large, are little more than Union pawns indoctrinating our children.  They are the first line of offense, teaching our children how to be good little Democrats and Liberals. Their nefarious methods are quite simple: Revisionist history.

The legacy of racism and the Klan has been laid prominently at the foot of the Republican Party.  But Republicans are propped so high on the “moral high ground” that they can’t even see their feet!

Why not assuage one’s guilt AND find a good patsy simultaneously, particularly when that patsy fights like a pansy?

Here’s the wrap:

Apparently even with the mantle of racism firmly placed firmly in the grip of the Republican Party by the racist Left, they are still not quite ready to have history demonstrated.

Further, like those Bay Area students who wore equally incendiary uniforms, those of t-shirts with America’s symbol of freedom (for Conservatives) and oppression (for the Left)—the flag— we are reminded that public schools funded by taxpayer money is not the place to showcase one’s patriotism.

Demonstrative history or silly patriotism, with the dropout rate as high as 46% in some schools, who knows or cares what is being “taught?”

Regardless, teaching that Republicans are responsible for racism is just plain silly.  That would be the moral equivalent of trying to convince Americans that the King of England was right when America was fighting for its freedom.

That would equate to accusing freedom loving Americans, like the Boston Tea Partiers of being radical extremist, bent on the destruction of America, and an un-American group of racist, all!

Surely nobody would believe such an insane narrative!

That’s my rant!

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