Calderon Exposes Republican Sissies

There is much hoopla over Felipe Calderon’s speech to Congress, and his chastising of America for Arizona having to gall to actually protect its citizen from the scourge of illegal immigration. The atrocities didn’t end there, however.

The second atrocity was committed by the Democrats in Congress who actually clapped, then gave Calderone a standing ovation! 

For most Conservatives, that was the real atrocity, besides the idea that some third-rate rinky-dink president would have the nerve to lecture us.  However there was a third atrocity that went mostly unnoticed…but not by me.

The atrocity is the Republican’s reaction.

Many would say that the Republicans were right not to react, and these same people were comforted that Republicans sat on their hands and remained quiet.  Well they could not be more wrong! 

By not saying anything, Republicans allowed, yet again, the narrative of the Left to win out.  As we say in sales,

In all interactions a sale is made.

Republicans looked like voiceless eunuchs, while Pelosi and the rest of the Liberal incorrigibles SOLD the idea to the WORLD that the US believes its sovereignty is not worth fighting for.  This is despite Americans overwhelming opposition to illegal immigration, and for the record overwhelming opposition to illegal immigration…by the WORLD!

Liberal Democrats don’t have to care what Americans think, because Republicans fight like sissies! Always have and with few exception, always will!

Instead of sitting there in quiet “defiance,” the passive aggressive pansies that make up the current crop of Republicans should have shouted to the rafters in unison:  “ES UN MENTIROSO…HIJO!  Translated: “YOU LIE…BOY!”

How DARE Calderon come to our country and lecture us on illegal immigration, when Mexico doesn’t allow illegal immigration?! 

How dare he lecture us on “racial profiling,” when (1) Arizona’s law had nothing to do with racial profile, and (2) Mexico allows for racial profile?

The Republicans should have shut Calderon down during his speech with their outrage. And if that didn’t work, they should have ALL gotten up and walked out!

This is yet another example of why we need warriors, and these example seem to happen almost daily. 

If the fire burns in your belly against illegal immigration, there is no amount of decorum that should allow you to let the president of Mexico lecture you on it, without you shouting, “ES UN MENTIROSO…HIJO!”

Calderon and the rest of Mexico should respect the laws of the United States, even if they don’t respect the traitors who currently govern this country.  Instead Calderon exports drug gang violence and disease from a country that he can’t run well enough for anybody to want to stay.  And if his people don’t want to stay, then who in the  *bleep* does he think wants to go?  According to this article, nobody.

Mexican tourism has fallen off big time, even in the resort areas.  Don’t even consider going to a border town, where murder rates are in the hundreds per month, equally all major US cities combined in some Mexican border towns. Talk about the Wild Wild West!  Kidnappings at the rate of 200 per month, more than all the kidnappings in the US combined.

Here’s the wrap:

What would Calderon had said, had Arizona adopted Mexico’s OWN policy of illegal immigration?  You know, the policy that arrests illegal immigrants and puts them away for two years.  The policy that allows for citizens’ arrests of illegal immigrants.  The policy that allows for racial profiling. The policy that says you must bring something tangible to Mexico to be considered for LEGAL immigration or you can’t get in.

And would the Democrat traitors in Congress have clapped for that policy? Would the Republican sissies have sat on their hands?

When I witness this sedition by America’s so-called leaders, I know why God has placed me in this position at this time.  America is in need of warriors, and thankfully The Black Sphere is made up of a team full of them, of which I am the proud leader. You know what I would have done, had I been in that chamber.

Well I won’t run for political office, but I will attach BALLS to those who are there, and make sure that we only elect those who bring their own…big and brass.

But I can not and will not fight this battle alone.

The RNC collected $11.4M in March and $6.8M in April, and I ask you if you think that money will do the Republican Party any good?  Ask yourself what The Black Sphere team would do with that kind of funding?!

People it’s time you started looking for different answers to what is happening in America. Donate to our cause and get others to do so, repetitively. We TELL you where your money goes, and we are true patriots who WILL make a difference.

That’s my rant!

No copyright necessary!  Print it. Forward it. Live it!

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