Obama and BizarroWorld

The other day while visiting NY, sans Michelle, Obama told the NY Times that he is optimistic about the economy. Spoken like somebody who knows nothing about economics!

Admittedly I didn’t read “which” economy he’s optimistic about.  Surely some country is benefitting by Obama’s fleecing of America, but it’s certainly not us!

Since Obama’s election, the American taxpayer has been robbed of over $1T, and the only thing we have to show for it, is a buttload of Obama plates and assorted paraphernalia!  No We Can’t, Damnit!

No new jobs and no new prospects for jobs in America! The interest on the debt could create three millionaires a minute, and that’s at just 0.5% interest. Imagine what will happen, when the real interest rates kick in?! If you drop a dollar, it won’t be worth bending over to pick it up!

Based on America’s finances, who in their right mind would want to start a business here, unless it was to support the government? Corporations are not interested in building new factories in America, certainly not under Obama.  The only thing growing is government regulation.

But there is good news, at least according to Obama. He says,

…next year is going to be a better year than this year.

Hmmm, more “hope and change!”  Gotta love his optimism, which could be confused with teenage exuberance!  His take on things certainly reminds me of my youth, particularly when I needed an excuse to have an early morning cocktail, and I rationalized, “It’s five o’clock somewhere!” Well next year will be a better year…somewhere!

I have called Obama, “Master of the Obvious” because his statement poses the obvious question:  How could next year not be better than the hellacious year we have just finished! When you have gone through the worst year of your life, the worst year in American history, you have to figure it can’t get any worse.  The problem is, under ObamaNation, it most certainly can!

When Speaker of the House Pelosi advises musicians and other artists to quit their jobs, because they can get ObamaCare, even Liberals begin to question the sanity of this crop of socialist leaders.  I’m not sure how a boatload of unemployed musicians and artists can help the economy, but as we all know, Liberal advice doesn’t necessarily have to make logical sense in the real world.

One would have thought that  perhaps the 999 point 15-minute drop in the stock market would serve as a wakeup call for ObamaNation?  Nyet!  It couldn’t possibly happen again, right?  After all, we’ve spent $1T fixing that!

Maybe Obama’s stance on illegal immigration is the reason he’s optimistic.  30M people sucking on the system is sure to provide an economic shot in the arm.  Let’s see, it doesn’t create more jobs, check!  It doesn’t provide more income to the Treasure, check!  It’s been proven to bankrupt California, check! Approved!

It’s getting so bad that Obama’s adoring media actually is forced to report actual news, as people have tired of learning that Obama eats hamburgers and enjoys basketball…well at least the black half of him does. 

I can’t wait for Obama to actually create ONE new job, so the media can tell us that the crisis is over!

Here’s the wrap:

As Obama tours NY, he must be shocked to see real people at work.  His prior “experience” certainly has given him no basis for knowing how business in the real world works. But there he goes. Walking through factories, talking to people, understanding their situations. The king talking to his subjects!

America’s boy king even had time to stop off at a restaurant, talk to a waitress or two, a short-order cook.  Obama likes to hear people’s plights.  His technique is refined, particularly after the “Joe the Plumber” incident.

If you have a success story that doesn’t involve the government, Obama just moves on. No more “Joe the Plumbers” for him.  Obama likes victims.  And if the victim needs the government, then that’s a good victim. If the need is long-term, well that’s Obama’s version of the victim lotto.

Speaking of lottos, here is what America’s biggest lotto winner went on to tell us during his tour:

We can say beyond a shadow of a doubt today we are headed in the right direction,” Mr. Obama told an audience of about 230 workers and local business leaders. “All those tough steps we took, they’re working, despite all the naysayers who were predicting failure a year ago.

Obama says that all his “tough steps” are working, and they are.

Obama proved that he is the Bizarro World Lincoln.  Because unlike Lincoln, Obama’s steps ruined America’s credit, rewarded incompetence, expanded slavery, de-incentivized achievement, and proven the Peter Principle.

And Obama did “preserve the Unions!”

That’s my rant!

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