Obama’s Tribute on Memorial Day

Hair freshly dyed to present a more youthful appearance, Obama asked Americans to honor our fallen soldiers.  As the black dye covered the true color of Obama’s hair, so his words highlight the color of his black heart on Memorial Day regarding America’s finest citizens, its fallen veterans.

No matter how Obama tries to present himself, Obama’s tribute to the military is as he has said,

…words, just words.

Instead of doing what a president should do on Memorial Day—attend the ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery to truly honor our fallen soldiers—Obama chose instead to shoot some hoops, then to attend a BBQ in Chicago…at Farrakhan’s house.

We shouldn’t be outraged.  Obviously Obama needed some rest!  He has been a busy man, likely the busiest president in history when you consider all that he has done.

This week for example, Obama may need to unwind after all he has done to stem the flow of oil in the gulf.  It has been a massive effort on the part of his administration, and after getting involved in earnest at the 33 day point, you can see all that he has accomplished in all his efforts—the same thing he has accomplished as a community organizer, a state Senator, and a Federal Senator…nothing!

Obama did use the one thing he finds so meaningful, again “words,” as he encouraged Americans to “hit the beaches” to help the struggling coastal economies.

I guess this is how a sissy encourages others to “storm the beaches!”

I suspect that delivering “words, just words” can be tiring.  I would never know, because most good Conservatives deliver results.  I do know however it can be tired for Obama to just be him.  Then again his fatigue could be that he is exhausted from all the shopping he has done lately?

Spending $1T is not as easy as it seems. The purchase of DeathCare, the funding of Unions, the financial disaster cover-up can be taxing, to say the least. It’s a shame that Obama lost steam (and money!) before he was able to complete the purchase of Sestak!

Obama has logged lots of frequent flyer miles flying from state to state wheeling and dealing for hundreds of millions with Democrat Congressmen and Union bosses!

Then there is Obama’s fight with Arizona over protecting its citizens from the scourge of illegal immigrants, another tiring battle to say the least. At least in this one, Obama is teamed with Eric “America is a nation of cowards” Holder.

I’m sure our veterans would be happy to know that they gave their lives, so that the Obama administration would turn our country over to just any old body.  The country that ALL other countries of the world used to admire and used to send only their best and brightest, now willingly accepts the dregs of other societies.  The legacy of our veterans is being sold out for Democrat votes! America is being sold out, so a small group of elitists can implement socialism.

Thankfully Arizona doesn’t have to worry too much, since Obama and Holder are the two biggest sissies in the country!

When you have veterans who gave their lives to protect the 58th Parallel, you have to be happy  that they didn’t have to witness  pimp-slap of the Obama administration by North Korea, daring ObamaNation to respond to the attack on America’s ally and global trading partner, South Korea.

Here’s the wrap:

Obama can hearken back to the days of WWII and ask Americans to honor our fallen soldiers—as if he needs to tell true American patriots this—or he can ask us to “storm the beaches” to help the economy.  On most Americans, those paying attention, Obama’s words are hollow.

It may seem like hyperbole to say America is at war with itself, but it’s true.  The internal wars, like the War on Achievement, the War Against Capitalism, the War on Christianity, the War on Morality, the War Against True Patriots, The War on Sanity are wars that were started and are being executed by the person known as America’s Commander in Chief…at least by some, but not by me!

If this administration were to go unchecked, who will America celebrate in a few short decades? Van Jones? Nancy Pelosi? Joe Biden?!

Obama’s words about America’s fallen veterans are as empty as his suits. I am convinced more than ever that Obama has no love for America, at least not the one that most of us know and love. In honor of our veterans, I can only hope that real patriots rise up in November of this year and again in 2012 to restore their honor, and the honor of this country.

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC All Rights Reserved

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