Sharpton Going ‘Barrio’ in AZ

Does Al Sharpton see himself as the modern day Sojourner Truth, leading Mexicans to freedom via el ferrocarril subterráneo –that’s “the underground railroad” for you Americans too lazy to have learned Spanish…our new first language!

As if Sharpton hasn’t done enough damage in the black community, he now desires to spread his cancer to Hispanics. Let’s review what the pimping of black America by Sharpton, Jackson, and that ilk has gotten the black community:

Per capita, lowest home ownership, business ownership, high school graduation rates, college entrance and graduation rates. 

But blacks do lead in a few areas, like number of single parent homes, teenage pregnancy rates, abortion rates, unemployment, and blacks in prison, which coincidentally is not per capita!

I say to the Mexicans, “With friends like Sharpton, who needs enemies?!”

Only in the minds of Liberals is it appropriate for a man who has accomplished nothing of note in the black community dispatched to provide “help.”

Who is he helping?  The rancher who was shot by an illegal immigrant?  The couple who were beaten and robbed by illegal aliens trespassing on that couple’s property, the American couple?

You would be crazy to think that Sharpton was helping the people who pay for his livelihood—the American taxpayer!  What is ya, ignant?

No Sharpton is in Arizona to help the criminals! To help people who have illegally entered our country! It’s the humanitarian thing to do. Forget the 1.2M people who wait every year to enter the US legally. How stupid are they!

Now my history may be a bit foggy on this, but I don’t recall the Mexicans being forced to come to the US, like say…the AFRICAN SLAVES?

Yet, in typical Liberal fashion Sharpton hearkens back to the days of civil rights for blacks, saying here:

The Arizona Immigration Bill is an affront to the civil rights of all Americans and an attempt to legalize racial profiling…I am calling for a coalition of civil rights organizations to work with those in Arizona to resist and overturn this state law that violates the rights of Americans in that state.[1]

Prior to going to Arizona, Sharpton compared Arizona’s law again to Jim Crow laws of the South, apartheid in South Africa, and Nazi Germany![2]

Ironically, Sharpton conveniently overlooks the fact that his constant references to the violation of civil rights of blacks, Jim Crowlaws, and so on are a reflection of the racist policies of the Democrat Party! 

Then Sharpton showcases his ignorance of Civics, as he dismisses Arizona’s right as a state to enforce its laws—laws the Federal government apparently is unwilling to enforce.  Yes, Sharpton’s beef with Arizona is that it has the nerve to…enforce its laws! 

According to Sharpton, asking for proper identification by law enforcement when confronting a person accused of violating a traffic law for example is now considered “racial profiling.” Given that America is the “melting pot,” aren’t we ALL being racially profiled if pulled over for a traffic stop?

There is no logical reason for Sharpton to make this pilgrimage to Arizona, except to get Sharpton in spotlight. He is advocating to allow millions of illegal immigrants to become legal in America, taking jobs from Americans. When you consider that reported unemployment in the black community is at 31%–unreported is theorized to be as high as 50%–allowing millions of illegal immigrants to take jobs from Americans should be sacrilegious! Yet Sharpton appears to spread the cancer of Liberalism to a new group of the downtrodden, illegal notwithstanding. 

Here’s the wrap:

If Sharpton’s track record of achievement in the black community is any indication, I suggest the Mexicans call the references on his resume! Let’s just say that everything Sharpton touches turns to ghetto!

For those who are circumspect, you have to be wondering who is pulling Sharpton’s strings.  Sharpton simply doesn’t have the credentials for this task.  I suspect this is the work of the high-level, white Democrat operatives, the Liberal Illuminati.  Though Sharpton is not the sharpest tool in the shed, I can’t believe he would want for Mexicans what he has helped achieve for blacks.

That said, I believe this Liberal Illuminati believes as Vietnamese foreign minister Nguyen Thatch believed, when he said decades ago:

“We are not without accomplishment. We have managed to distribute poverty equally.”

That’s my rant!

(c) 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

Kevin Jackson is author of the Amazon best-selling book, The BIG Black Lie, as well as a nationally known speaker.  He writes The Black Sphere blog, and host a popular conservative radio show.



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