With Friends Like Obama, Who Needs Israel

I can’t understand how much more of a butt-kicking secular Jews need in order to see through the ruse that is Obama.  Jews are getting faux-royally screwed by this administration just like black folks—just like America!

Obama says he wants, “a credible, impartial and transparent” investigation into the Gaza flotilla incident. Scratch that!  Obama wants a credible, impartial, and transparent investigation into…Israel’s response to the Gaza flotilla incident!

 Israel’s response!  Our ally! Israel, who has the right to defend its territorial waters against any incursion.

What kind of crazy world do we live in where Joe “What’d I Say?!” Biden is the voice of reason? At least Biden had the cajones to confirm the obvious, that is Israel has the “absolute right” to defend itself and he even pointed out why:

It is legitimate for Israel to say ‘I don’t know what’s on that ship…’

And that should be the end of it, that is if we didn’t live in ‘Amerika’ and weren’t being governed by Israel-hating, Muslim-loving socialist sissies!

Obama reminds me of the kid who, when the school yard bully tried to relieve you of your lunch money, stood back and said,

Well, now, uh, Ima get the teacher and, uh, maybe she can uh sort all this, uh, unpleasantness out, huh?

By the time Obama came back with the teacher, you were on the ground with a bloody nose, out 5 bucks!

That’s Obama’s definition of a friend! A true friend however, either steps in and throws down with you, or makes a big enough ruckus so you can get the heck outta there!  You both meet at the soda shop later and laugh at the stupidity of your tormentor!  “Hey Dufus, look over there!  HAHAHA!”

To recap:  Our ally—Israel, (in case I’m being observed by “the Administration”)—was threatened by people who want to wipe Jews off the planet—that would be the Muslims—and Obama wants to question whether our friend had the right to say, “No, you can’t enter our sovereign territory” to a bunch of pipe-welding, knife-brandishing hooligans, and now, it appears, honest to God terrorists.

At least Obama is consistent.  He is consistent in his adoration of real terrorists.  As for his hatred, Obama is consistent there as well, as he shows equal disdain for Israel, as America…especially Arizona!

I understand his feelings about Arizona, as anybody who would dare interrupt the legalization of 30 million new Democrat voters is fodder for Liberals.  But Obama got 78% of the Jewish vote!  What’s his beef with them?

I say to my Hebrew brethren, we are one, like “Sammy Davis, Jr!” Like blacks are being cast aside for Mexicans, Jews will be cast asunder by Muslims.  Such is the Liberal Democrat way: Beat ‘em then leave ‘em.

The Left uses blacks and Jews as “causes” to be dragged out and waved around during election years, then put back in the closet like yesteryear’s couture. Yet Democrats care about the oppressed and fallen, right?

There can’t be more than 50M Jews in the entire freakin’ world, and over a BILLION Muslims, who happen to surround Israel, and Obama finds it necessary to side with “the downtrodden,”—In ObamaNation this would be the Muslims!

Perhaps  Obama sees the coming tide of Muslim voters illegally immigrating into America by foot or flotilla!  And look at the numbers!  Eureka!  I’m glad I figured that out, as it would have bugged me for DAYS!

Here’s the wrap:

It should be clear as a crystal menorah to all that at the very least, Jewish heritage isn’t as important to the Left, as appeasing the people who want to rid history of all record of the Jews. It ain’t about oil, it’s about future votes, and as Obama said, [pp]

…should the political winds shift, I will side with the Muslims. 

In the past however, Blacks in America identified with the plight of the Jews in Egypt, to the point we were singing songs with lines such as “Let my people go” and “Swing Low Sweet Chariot.” Interestingly enough, what blacks seem to forget is that it was our ancestors, yes Africans (Egyptians) who were oppressing Jews at that time!

Today is no different, as our silence is deafening.

Despite our common history don’t expect the black community to come to the aid of the Jews.  No Jackson, no Sharpton, no “wiggas,” and certainly no white guilt crowd (Guilters) to help the Jews. 

The real truth is there is just not enough money in it for Libs to protect Jews.  Lucky for them, they are God’s chosen people.

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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