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Kagan Feminist Trailblazer

Recently, the Senate made it through the interminable first day of confirmation hearings for Elena Kagan, with YouTube highlights of the event second only to Obama’s speeches for inducing coma-like sleep.  The most exciting part of the hearings is not what is being said, but what is being rumored about of Kagan’s lesbianism—the legitimacy and significance of such claims denied by liberal pundits and the Obama administration alike. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” it seems.

Nevertheless, while the Right is in an uproar about Kagan’s radical views, like limiting free speech, expanding the authority of the federal government, and banning of the military recruiters from college campuses, it seems that the Left is helpless to keep from wetting themselves in anticipation of confirming the fourth female Supreme Court Justice. 

The radical feminazis at the National Organization for Women (NOW) proudly boast that they “will listen carefully to her answers to determine if she will be a strong guardian of the rights of women.”

Even if NOW manages to stay awake long enough to make this determination, their definition of the “rights of women” refers only to the rights of women to change their gender, marry other women, and murder their unborn babies…oh I almost forgot, they want to close that $0.07 per hour wage gap that is so plaguing working women of America.

Not even a century after women were granted the right to vote, the right to FREEDOM has fallen off the radar.  NOW and the women who support them need to drop the lighters and bras, and pick up a history book to find out what true feminism is really about, and perhaps learn about women like Harriet Tubman.

If Kagan is to be revered a strong guardian of the rights of women, then Harriet Tubman should have her picture on her own currency, perhaps the $500 bill.

Not content to reap the rewards of having escaped enslavement, Tubman returned to help free her family—and hundreds of other slaves. 

Kagan’s claim to fame? In 2003 she referred to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy as, “a profound wrong—a moral injustice of the first order.” 

I know…powerful rhetoric!  Apparently, being required to show restraint in discussing one’s sexuality and romantic dalliances is the modern-day equivalent to being…forced to spend a lifetime as someone’s property!

Feminists so often refer to housewives as “voluntary slaves” to their husbands and families.  Not only do these feminazis have no idea what it takes to be real women, women who extol the virtues of motherhood and family, they have no concept of what it meant to be a slave.

Harriet Tubman maintained her commitment to the abolition of slavery in spite of a $40,000 bounty on her head.  Imagine what bravery Kagan would do exercise, if there were an inflation-adjusted bounty on her head for $1M?  Hillary? Jane?  Gloria? Madonna?

As for these modern-day saviours of womankind, well Kagan played softball, Hillary rode the coattails of Bill and she did accept the Margaret Sanger award for exterminating blacks and other mongrel races, Jane burned a bra, Gloria talked big then married a rich man, and Madonna, well she flew over 1000,000 black kids to adopt black kids from another continent!

Let’s give credit where it’s due however.  STDs are way up, rivaled only by abortions.  And teenage girls are much more in touch with their sexuality, as today’s 32-something year old grandmothers can attest.

Generational welfare is eyeballing the horizon, and single mothers are a veritable conveyor belt for filling America’s prisons.

Perhaps it’s cynical to criticize Kagan on the basis of her acts of heroism being inferior to what Tubman did.  Kagan having stood up to the perceived discrimination of the military against homosexuals will go down in the annals of history with D-Day, and The Battle of Midway.  Perhaps “just words” are mightier than the sword?

Tubman chose a different route, as she drew arms during the Civil War to become the first woman to lead a military expedition.  Let me see, first woman to serve in the military, first black woman to serve in the military, first woman to FIGHT in the military, provide the runway for women’s suffrage, versus “just words.”

Here’s the wrap:

In spite of all of Kagan’s impassioned arguments against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, it seems doubtful that centuries after her death she will have a national holiday named for her.  As for Tubman, a full decade before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was declared, both the House and Senate unanimously passed a resolution designating March 10th—Tubman’s birthday—Harriet Tubman Day.  That resolution was authorized by George H. W. Bush on Mar 9, 1990, and not at the request of NOW.

It’s not even about a case of the left’s amnesia of Harriet Tubman’s accomplishments.  It’s a reflection on the short-sightedness of supposedly forward-thinking feminists who see such nobility in Elena Kagan that they would deem her worthy of our nation’s highest court.  NOW worships Kagan as though her positions, argued for and not fought for, make her a feminist for the ages.  The Left refuses to acknowledge the monumental mistake made in choosing our 44th  President based on racism, and uses the same warped process to select a Supreme Court Justice.

If feminism is about fundamental equality, a remarkable woman like Harriet Tubman should be the poster child for the movement.  The Left’s refusal to acknowledge her as such is proof that they value their own radical ideology over the true advancement of freedom for all women.  I guess instead of fighting for the soul of America and freeing and people from bondage, Harriet Tubman should have fought for the rights of the LGBT.  What a waste of Harriet Tubman’s life!

That’s my rant!

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Contributor to this blog – Rachael Williams, Seattle WA

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