The REAL King of Racial Profiling

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The irony of racial profiling in America is that the Federal government is the biggest racial profiler of all.  In fact, the Fed is also the biggest and baddest race-baiter and poverty pimp—even more when Democrats are in power. 

To prove my point, the U.S. Census Bureau has thoughtfully provided a Question and Answer center on their website that showcases racial profiling.  And as for why they do it, they cleverly disguise their heinous intent, as the Fed site explains thusly:

Race is key to implementing any number of federal programs and it is critical for the basic research behind numerous policy decisions. States require race data to meet legislative redistricting requirements.

Let’s see, now that the Fed has built all those projects and knows where the Negros are, they need to make sure they can get a Congressional Black Caucus chili pimp elected no matter what!

As for the answer to the “Ethnicity?” question?  Unfortunately, the site doesn’t allow for the answer:  “Nunyadamnbusiness!”

Despite the fact that it was the Nazis who thought “race” was important in implementing their evil plan against the Jews (and other mongrel races), and despite the fact that they got their ideas from none other than Hillary Clinton’s idol, Margaret Sanger, who wanted to KILL BLACK PEOPLE, our government sees no harm in Americans drawing lines of distinction based on race. 

If you are waiting for the Left to showcase their outrage over Americans having to check a box that immediately allows people to draw a conclusion, well don’t hold your breath Blue Boy!

Check “African American” and Bill Maher racially profiles you, since he thinks to be black you need to live the thug life, moving your untucked shirt back just enough to give a glimpse of the gun that all black people carry on our waistline, as a sign of our “blackness.”  Worse yet, Biden believes you rape your significant other, and never wear a condom, of course eliminating the “articulate and clean” blacks.

Bill Clinton believes you should be getting him coffee, and Harry Reid has a penchant for light-skinned Negros with no Negro dialect.

Your everyday-run-of-the-mill Liberal of course thinks differently for Americans who check the African-America box. Given all the social engineering that their ilk has provided to the black community, these Guilters feel nothing but pride for what they have accomplished in the black, excuse me “African-American” community.

So for the Guilters, African-Americans represent the core of America’s welfare recipients, and have sub-par educations. For Guilters, African-Americans need help.  Most have dropped out of high school, and the few who managed to get out of college are products of Affirmative Action, and grateful for the “hand out” plans that allow them to compete with superior whites. 

Guilters have their “token African-American friend” they bring occasionally to the cocktail party to feel like they are “giving back to the community.”

It’s fun to ask a Guilter, “Why do I need a special program just for me? Why do I need more protections than anyone else?”

They stand there befuddled, because there is no good answer to that question.  All they can say is “Because you can’t do it yourself. The white man is keeping you down.”

I chuckle as these Guilters try to speak in the vernacular, and remind me that they have “street cred,” because they did listen to De La Soul in high school.

When they discover that this African-America is gainfully employed, graduated from college on scholarship (without Affirmative Action), and that there are black men who can handle our own business, they give me that conciliatory Pat Pat, saying “Wow, you have overcome so much. You are amazing. I applaud you!” He’s like my cat at home, who sorted out how to open the bathroom door all by itself. What a guy!

The Pat Pat is how white Liberals show affection to things they feel obligated to care for, like their stupid pets!

Instead of feeding the cat $10.00/lb organic Vegan cat food, providing a scratching post a pretty collar and a special bed and organic litter, they should just let the cat outside.  In a couple of days the cat would scratch off the collar, become self-sufficient, and it wouldn’t have a stupid name like Fluffernutter.

Here’s the wrap:

Racial profiling allows the Fed to put us conveniently in our cages or categories, dogs here, cats over there. Distemper and rabies shots, tags and microchips, and the minorities are ready to be managed, controlled.  Blacks are assigned their masters—members of the Congressional Black Caucus—and the masters are warned to stay in control of their black pets, lest the masters lose their funding.

Keep them on the plantations—black neighborhoods—also known as echo chambers, and keep them watching BET and listening  to Tom Joiner.

The Left pretends they are counting blacks to provide services, ensure fairness, represent us as a group, providing equality for all. The flip side of this equality is segregation, subjugation, and alienation.

It annoys me to be treated like a breed; a husky or a Pomeranian, a Siamese or a tabby, the Fed determining your temperament and breed needs. Not the life for me.

So with respect to the racial profiling of the census, I offer this:

Race: Human. Nationality: American!

That’s my rant! 

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC All Rights Reserved

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