My Tribute to a Racist

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A Tribute to a Racist, by Kevin Jackson

Reminiscent of Ted Kennedy, it took God himself to “retire” (D) Senator Robert Byrd from the Senate. That power must be an intoxicant, because Byrd simply would not leave. If your agenda was the destruction of the black race, why would you!

Byrd is described as a fearless fighter for the Constitution, and the state-run media outlets say things like, “Byrd had a short stay in the Klan.”

Byrd is quoted in 2005 as saying of joining the Klan, [pp], “I know now I was wrong…I apologize a thousand times!” 

I guess Byrd isn’t counting his filibustering of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that Republicans sponsored, whereby blacks would actually be treated as true citizens of America. No apology for that was ever made.

Further, Byrd overlooks his Party’s stance against the Republican-sponsored anti-lynching laws.   Byrd just couldn’t fathom the idea of taking away the Democrats’ favorite sport of “Eeny meeny miny mo, catch a n*gger by the toe?” 

Byrd’s ending? “If he hollers, don’t let him go…string his black ass up!”

Byrd didn’t regret being in the Klan; Byrd regretted having to admit that he was in the Klan! And Byrd wasn’t just IN the Klan, he WAS the Klan.

Klan leadership recognized Byrd’s ability to recruit, and admired his leadership. Being a stellar member in the Klan helped Byrd achieve and retain his high ranking in the Senate.

What does Byrd has to be sorry about, given that the Klan provided his meteoric rise within the “Party of the Klan”—the Democrats! Byrd should have just accepted what “fate” dealt him, and not apologized for being what he was—a cross-burning racist, his whole miserable life.

Byrd is not alone in his regrets, however. In case you wonder why Jimmy Carter works so hard building houses for the poor, is he is making up for all the Negros he oppressed.

Though Carter now better known for Habitat for Humanity and disparaging the country whom he presided over as president; let’s just call a cracker a cracker.  Carter should be known for the discrimination that he practiced, like when Carter felt that building a black school next to a white school in Sumter County Georgia was not such a great idea. In capitulation to his fellow Democrat racists on the Sumter County School Board, Jimmy didn’t allow black children to get too close white school children.

But Carter didn’t limit his segregationist ways to just schools, as he said here in 1976:

I’m not going to use the federal government’s authority deliberately to circumvent the natural inclination of people to live in ethnically homogeneous neighborhoods…I have nothing against a community that’s made up of people who are Polish or Czechoslovakian or French-Canadian or blacks who are trying to maintain the ethnic purity of their neighborhoods.

 Carter apologized, and that’s all it took for Progressive Democrats to expunge his racist record.

Hugo Black—another racist Democrat and member of the Klan—has been elevated to the status of icon by Progressive Democrats. And as with all racist Democrat icons, Progressive Democrats say that Black “joined the Klan only to further his political career.”  Again we have a member of the Klan who did no harm to blacks, but joined only for political expediency. It does leave me curious as to exactly what members of the Klan were lynching blacks and white Republicans?

For the few Progressive Democrats who know or admit that FDR appointed the flamboyant Klansman Black to the Supreme Court, they usually say, “As a member of the Supreme Court, Black later fought for the rights of blacks.” Really? How much fighting should Black have done to undo his representation of a Klansman who killed a clergyman sent to protect black people?

Black’s Supreme Court record on race amounts to little more than “token” gestures on correcting his most heinous record on race, a record of abject oppression and intimidation of blacks. 

None of this will matter to Leftist revisionists, who will move mountains and empty oceans to wipe away the racist past of the Democrats.  All that will happen today will be the Democrat Progressives’ efforts to make a hero out of a racist.

Here’s the wrap:

People will say that I am harsh in my treatment of Byrd now that he is on his date with the devil. Think what you want. I just find it difficult to forgive a man who liked lynching black people and those who supported black people—white Republicans.

I will give him this; Byrd was a great leader.  He put those leadership skills to work, as he conspired to keep blacks ignorant, voting Democrat, and dependent on government. Byrd’s leadership has kept Liberal blacks on the plantation for decades, bigger fools that they ever were in the past.

Byrd traded his Klan garb for business suits, and his strategies against blacks grew smoother with his age, like 25-year old Scotch.

America did not lose a hero in Byrd. We lost another Progress Democrat racist scoundrel who replaced lynching of blacks at the hands of white, with drive-by shootings of blacks at the hands of…blacks!

Based on that record, Byrd may indeed be the patron saint of Progressivism.  He certainly represents their “leadership.”

That’s my rant!

(c) 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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