NAACP Getting Desperate

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NAACP Getting Desperate, by Kevin Jackson

The group that awarded Van Jones its “President’s Award” is at it again, race-baiting where there is no issue.  This latest example by the NAACP of Los Angeles proves just how desperate the race-baiting industry has become, as they have attacked one of America’s corporate institutions over a three year old greeting card.

The Hallmark greeting card in question is a graduation card that has been out for three seasons.  The card essentially tells the recipient that his graduation is the beginning of his exploration, and the universe awaits.  However, as he sets forth to conquer the universe that is his life, be careful of “black holes.”

The card clearly uses outerspace as a metaphor for life and discovery. “Black holes” extend the metaphor to warn of the potential pitfalls of life. Yet the NAACP has decided this card is demeaning to black women, whom they obviously feel are “black holes.”

Instead of focusing on the real problem, apathy within the black community and liberal policies that have created these conditions,–the man in the mirror—the NAACP seems hell bent on creating a new boogeyman, in this case by attacking one of America’s hallowed examples of capitalism, Hallmark.

The NAACP has convinced me that the trillions of dollars spent fighting poverty did nothing for poverty, moreover the funds were redirected to promote ignorance.  The NAACP is certainly showcasing it ignorance of science!

Why not just ban the term “black hole?” What next, perhaps the revelation that noted physicists Stephen Hawking is really a pimp, and “black hole” is ‘code’ for the prostitution ring he runs from his home “ in da hood?”

Instead of attacking an American institution like Hallmark, why doesn’t the NAACP make demands of black rappers, as it started by in 2007, when the NAACP was happy to announce the death of the N-word in rap music. You may not listen to rap, so I paraphrase Mark Twain in informing you that, “…the rumor of the demise of the N-word has been greatly exaggerated.”

Denouncing the N-word in rap certainly didn’t go far enough, because rap is frought with degradation of black culture and particularly black women. However, you won’t see the NAACP asking record companies to pull all the CDs that blatantly refer to black women in derogatory terms.

The NAACP was disturbingly quiet when rapper Nelly promoted “Pimp Juice.” If young black men are drinking pimp juice, what exactly would that make their “bitches?”

Further, there is no outrage by the NAACP with video game makers whose games like Grand Theft Auto demean black culture from pillar to post.

This move by the NAACP will cost Hallmark lots of money that they should not have to spend, all in an effort to not offend the NAACP’s sensibilities. This lost revenue by Hallmark certainly could find much better use, like producing jobs.  There are other costs as well. 

Companies like Hallmark remain on constant alert to defend themselves against such insane accusations like these. Here’s how the game works.

Phase One is somebody draws attention to a fabricated “racial issue”—in this case a “racial issue” that remained undiscovered for three years.  NAACP researchers finally uncovered the shameless racism that had been festering at the century old company, and brought it to light. 

Racial issue exposed, Phase Two kicks into gear, whereby straws are drawn to see which black organization wins the lottery for the extortion attempt that follows.  The top contenders are Operation PUSH (Jesse Jackson) or National Action Network (Al Sharpton).

Once the lottery winner is drawn, the “Spokesperson for all Black People” jets in with full media coverage. The black delegate is escorted to a “private meeting” with the executives of the company where  the “racial incident” has occurred–“the mark.”

The matter is discussed, and friendly reminders are made as to how monolith black thought is and who controls it.  Statistics about black patronage of the particular business being extorted are bandied about, as well as the potential cost of a boycott. Points made, the meeting adjourns.

$1M donation is made to the lottery winner’s organization, the “all is forgiven” press conference by race-baiter is performed, and finally racial sensitivity training will be performed by friend of race-baiting organization on “the mark.”

The mark has been cleansed of all misunderstandings and gets the “Good Seal of Racial Understanding.”

Here’s the wrap:

The NAACP attempts to “create” victims in this unbelievably insane non-issue.  Creating victims is the modis operandi for the Left. Sadly, the victims are created not because there is an outcry in the black community or that the black community at large will be served by this feigned outrage over a non-issue.  No, this is simply about the NAACP, and their attempt to appear relevant.

What is more disturbing to me however is that the NAACP would even suggest that black women are black holes, all in an attempt to demonize a great company. America should be outraged, and black women even more so, as the NAACP uses them as pawns all in an attempt to extort money from a company–a capitalist company with deep pockets.

Hallmark is a company that has been around for 100 years, a company who has enriched the lives of millions of people with their product.  Hallmark also employs many people, thousands of people,  including many blacks. 

I feel ashamed that the NAACP—an organization founded by Republicans with the intent on promoting black culture and building a strong black community— has degraded itself as it has; degraded to being a tool to promote the Liberal agenda. Pathetic.

I am happy that Hallmark is smart enough not to have fallen for Phase II of the plan…at least not yet.

That’s my rant!

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