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The Sestak Sanction

Only an ACLU card-carrying Liberal troll would doubt that somebody in the Obama administration offered Sestak a deal.  The only question is who offered it.

The rumor is that the first black president Bill Clinton made the offer. The Teflon ex-president is the perfect patsy.

One reason Clinton would have been approached to make the offer is Clinton is a spectacular lia, no ifs, ands, or buts!  That man can look you in the eye and lie to your face with the passion of Rosie O’Donnell sucking on a chicken bone. “I…did…not…have sex…with that woman!”

And when caught in a lie, Clinton is Fonzi smooth in acting like he has not been caught.  Dude is cooler than a polar bear’s ass under pressure. The only butt-kicking Bill got by lying about the Lewinski affair was from Hillary.  Admittedly, inside his bedroom at the White House, Bill took his lumps, as Hillary strapped it on and rode him hard.

However, outside of the Clinton’s bedroom, adoring Liberal suck-ups canonized Bill.  In the black community, Bill Clinton became the white OJ, while today’s Guilters declared—that Jesus had returned in the form of a hillbilly from Arkansas—this was prior to the arrival of the “new and improved and slightly darker Jesus from Africa!

As for the offer that was made to Sestak—I repeat it was made—the idea that Bill, though now an “outsider” felt he could make the offer is something to behold.  I suggest that perhaps we now know who has his hand up Obama’s skinny behind, thus directs the legislative agenda. 

It makes sense that Bill would have his hand up Obama butt, however aside from the sexual pleasure both men may derive from Bill’s fisting of Obama, there is also the political “ramification”—pun intended—that Bill and Hillary are still implementing their radical agenda, during what could certainly be described as the Third Term of the Clinton Presidency.

The linkage for the Clintons’ is of course Rahm Emanuel, the Jewish whirling dervish who would be king, had it not been for that evil half-black Kenyan who disrupted his ascension to the throne!  Emanuel was next in line after Hillary. 

Instead Rahm does his dirty work behind the scenes, unable to tell anybody just how ruthless he is! In fact, his only way to allude to expertise in the torture of America is to run for Mayor of Chicago. You know that little leotard-wearing bitch is tough, if he will take on Daley! Girlfriend please!

Now it’s all starting to make sense to you, right?!  Remember that Emanuel claimed he had not spoken to Blagojevich about Obama’s senate seat, then later we found out that he had?

Former embattled Congressman Eric Massa has this to say about Rahm Emanuel on a radio show:

He [Emanuel] is an individual who would sell his mother to get a vote…He would strap his children to a front end of steam locomotive.

As for Specter, the thing that doesn’t make sense to me is why an 80-year old white Senator would even want another six year term in government!

Specter is well past life expectancy, even for white folks.  And honestly I love old people, but I remember being around my great-grandfathers at that age, and I had to help him remember how to play checkers at times!  Hank Johnson…get off the island?!

White Senators who have spent decades fleecing the public should have stolen enough taxpayer money to retire in lavish comfort by age 60.  If this doesn’t showcase Specter’s incompetence then you just aren’t paying attention. Black people work until we are 80, but it’s because we HAVE to!!

The idea that the Democrats were posturing to keep Benedict Specter in their ranks speaks volumes of them. I suspect that the Dems were thinking that Specter would die in office, and by then they could have groomed their next money grubbing Liberal scoundrel to replace him; they just needed time, but not a whole lot!

Why they didn’t want Sestak is a mystery to me.  Sestak is certainly nowhere near Conservative, though he is now trying to ACT as if he is. I guess when you are slightly right of Trotsky, you can make that claim. Nevertheless, Sestak is a total Lefty. 

Perhaps the White House felt that Sestak is less controllable than Specter, which makes him slightly dangerous—but only because the White House is all out of money!

Here’s the wrap:

Did Emanuel say to Obama that we have a problem in Pennsylvania, yes.  Did Emanuel tell Obama that he’s all over it, like a leotard on a gay dancer, yes!  Did Emanuel ask Clinton to talk to Sestak, and “feel him up out,” yes!  Will we ever get to the bottom of this, no!

This is merely a welcome distraction, and one that will allow the Left to make a hero out of a half-Kenyan goat named Obama. 

Like Clinton’s situation with Lewinsky, if Conservatives pursue this, it will only allow the Left a reason to rally behind their chosen loser.  The Left has no recourse, because the man they deem “the smartest man in the room” is rumored to have a 2.25 GPA, and has been proven time and again to be America’s classless clown.

It should scare all of America, in fact the world that Biden may actually be the smartest man in the White House.

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – All Rights Reserved The Black Sphere, LLC

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