The Summer of Discontent

Fear not, America. Despite what can only be described as the most dismal period in America’s history since Jimmy Carter, Obama has announced Recovery Summer

I’m not sure what Obama might be thinking.  However in Obama’s vida loca, record unemployment, record deficits, and his administration’s inability to create a single job certainly qualifies for celebration!

The party atmosphere is enhanced, when you consider the threat of a nuclear Iran, the growing threat of radical Islam, the assault on our borders, the looming taxing of air through Cap and Trade, and the promises of Death Care. Let the celebration begin!

Recovery Summer could not have come at a better time! Morale in America is lower than a black man’s bank account. So the Obama “pick me up” is for Americans to get in their cars and hit the southeast coast of America.  That will be good for everybody!    A little oil never hurt anybody, makes for a better workout, when you swim.  The bonus is that oil soaked beaches have a natural beauty.

In spite of all the stolen taxpayer money Obama has tossed into the black hole that was formerly America’s economy, the money has done nothing for “working Americans.”  The man who ran on the borrowed mantra of “hope”, appears to have robbed many Americans of the very same.

The good news about Recovery Summer is there is always suicide to help you get through.  And what should not be shocking news, under the Obama administration, suicides are up.

Obama may have inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression, however only he can take credit for the dramatic rise in suicide rates—the highest since the Great Depression. 

Unfortunately when you run a campaign on the idea of hope, you can’t only deliver despair!

Here we are today, the first day of Recovery Summer, only to find out that Americans are offing themselves in record numbers.  Thankfully the oil crisis remains the #1 issue of the day or we might actually be delving into why people are giving up on “hope and change.”

For Obama there is hope.  Unlike Jimmy Carter days, Obama’s “energy crisis” could be a good thing.  Certainly nobody is discussing the economy or unemployment…or the rising suicide rate!

Obama is not without success in his oil snafu, however.  He got BP to support part of the American economy in a region that was previously a victim of Obamanomics.  BP will help him out with $20B, and even though the new number is as high as $50B.  We can only hope this money actually gets in the hands of the people of the southeast coast, and is not put in a “lockbox” and Obama has the key.  Because Obama can spend money faster than Oprah can de-meat a neckbone!  $50B is walking around money for a “big baller” like Obama—chump change!

Here’s the wrap:

The debt clock has passed all the productivity that America can create!  The only thing that could save us would be income from the other seven states Obama still hasn’t visited.

There are no indicators, economic or otherwise that this summer will be any better that the worst year in America’s history.

I think Recovery Summer is Obama’s admission of failure.  Obama knows that everybody who voted for him should be in REHAB. For the rest of us, it’s a reward for surviving the insanity.

That’s my rant!

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