When CBC Comes – There Goes The Neighborhood

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When I first began investigating the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), I was focused on the congressional districts they represent, and how those neighborhoods are usually the worst in the country.  Crime infested, drug infested neighborhoods, with most of the occupants unemployed, on welfare, and by and large wards of the government.

Liberal policies are killing most of America’s cities, and millions of American dreams. They are at fault for trying to socially engineer whole ethnic communities, though certainly not for good the constituents. 

As surely as Margaret Sanger strategized the demise of blacks, the puppet masters of the eugenicist movement indeed found their black pied pipers in the form of the CBC. And those faux black leaders are leading black people over the cliff.

All the puppet masters needed was the system to gerrymander the districts, insuring long, uncontested tenures to the CBC, thus keeping these black criminals in power. 

The CBC wields racism so recklessly that it has become more destructive than an atomic bomb.  The cry of racism has destroyed whole cities, as it did Detroit, the once proud jewel of Michigan. 

This city with an amazing history now looks like the epicenter of Hiroshima circa 1945. Detroit has become a perennial hell hole, its future certain, its fate sealed. As one Detroit denizen put it,

Tons of money and resources were poured into the downtown area, while the neighborhoods of Detroit continued to fester under the contagions of drugs, murder, poverty, homelessness, and hopelessness. Crooked mayors like Coleman A. Young and Kwame Kilpatrick continued to put their own personal profit ahead of the good of the city.

To kill a big city, all you need is a large Liberal black population, a Liberal mayor (ethnicity doesn’t matter), and a member of the CBC.  Detroit has it all. 

The CBC representative in Detroit is Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick. If the last name rings a bell, it is likely because Carolyn is the mother of the aforementioned Kwame Kilpatrick—Detroit’s scandalous ex-Mayor.

Carolyn’s political career began in education. Two years after getting her Master’s degree, she would abandon teaching to become a member of the Michigan House of Representatives. She served in the Michigan House from 1979 to 1996.

In 1996 both Kwame and Carolyn would get promotions, as Kwame assumed her Michigan House seat, and mom would go big time, getting “selected” to the US House of Representatives.  Carolyn would now be a member of the black elite.  The CBC!

Kwame was being groomed for the Detroit mayor role, ultimately became mayor of Detroit in 2001—the youngest mayor in the city’s history—and arguably one of the worst.  Had it not been for his troubles as mayor, his DNA would have qualified him as the next crooked member of the CBC representing Michigan.

Over the next few years, mom and son would be integral components of the Michigan political machine, attempting to do what Jackson, Sr had done for Jackson Jr in IL.  In the end, it is easy to see how this system has crippled Detroit. 

$200M+ in debt, 67 school closings since 2005, graduation rate less than 25%, an estimated 60,000 vacant dwellings, and the worldwide distinction of selling a house for $1. One woman has birthed 24 children at taxpayer expense.

When I began researching members of the CBC, I thought that most of them would have come from poor backgrounds, and their illness of Liberalism was acquired.  I was wrong; it was innate.

I learned CBC members rarely moved from the private sector to public office–most of their adult lives thus far had been spent in some sort of public office, campaign/community organizer role, or they had strong union ties, like Carolyn Kilpatrick.

The most striking irony in my research on the CBC is that many of them had succeeded so brilliantly in America. Like many of their non-black Congressional peers, a great number of the CBC have law degrees, and generally come from wealthy or “privileged” families.  Or as described earlier with the Kilpatrick’s, many even had parents who were politicians.  

Andre Carson (D-IN) is a good example of this, as he fuels the perception that he is a former cop from a tough Indianapolis neighborhood. As it turns out, Carson was raised by his politician grandmother.  As a “cop,” Carson enforced sales tax collection from local retailers, or what is known as an “excise officer.” Not exactly patrolling the “mean streets” of Indiana.

Here’s the wrap:

The CBC believes itself to be W.E.B. Dubois’ Talented Tenth, and all other blacks are there to serve them. The CBC thrives on convincing Liberal black Americans that they are being held down by somebody who “doesn’t look black.” 

Further, Liberals blacks appear to be fine with about anybody representing them, as long as the antagonist is another Liberal black. Marion Barry, William Jefferson, Maxine Waters, Charles Rangel…the CBC!

You don’t have to be a psychic to know what will be said about your city when you elect a CBC demagogue. “There goes the neighborhood!”

That’s my rant!

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