Independence from Hate

Independence from Hate by K.J. Adan

I spent a wonderful Independence Day with my family in Fontana, California at a speedway. There was a car show and a wonderful fireworks display in time to blaring patriotic music. My brother and I marched in place and sang along. It was a blast.

Before you write us off as being typical uneducated flag waving jingoistic Yanks, you have to remember that my mother, brother and I are still subjects to the British crown. We pulled into that speedway parking lot, filled with pickups and SUVs, in my mum’s Jaguar. It was hysterical. Yet that is America; anybody willing to celebrate is welcome. We were there to party.

I knew the moment I came back home and checked Twitter that I would find mewling and misery from the anemic Left. My favourite tweet was “Happy birthday, America! Let’s celebrate racism and homophobia!”

So…when I was at the speedway, now a familiar symbol of middle-America, I saw pretty much every race you can imagine represented beautifully. Nobody called awkward attention to it like they might at an art opening or poetry slam. Everyone just kind of gathered together to do the wave. White, Hispanic, black…the differences just didn’t register.

When the “Star Spangled Banner” was sung and we were still in line to enter, every single person of every colour stopped, removed their hat, and put their hand over their heart until it was over. The family in front of me, considerably darker than my family’s pasty white arses, didn’t seem to feel oppressed by the national anthem.

The soldiers in the parade, all different colours themselves, didn’t seem to feel oppressed. They smiled at us and saluted. As for homophobia, how could anybody know? Statistically at least ten percent of the folks there must have been gay, but I heard no slurs nor saw anyone being treated any way other than equitably.

There were just good, decent American folk out there, enjoying the heck out of their country’s birthday. Born and bred, immigrants like us, and illegal immigrants alike, I imagine, all had a fantastic time.

The Left in today’s America has very little idea of what real racism and homophobia is. Nobody in this country is stoned to death or forced to have a sex change if they are gay. Few in this country are told, out loud, in the middle of a crowded marketplace, “You will never bring shame to this family by marrying a black man.” Go to Korea, however, and your ears will bleed; my Korean roommate has heard this and worse.

A gal I used to work with, Russian, said, as if it were perfectly acceptable to do so, “America is so weird. You have blacks and whites living in the same town.”

“Uh…yeah,” I said. “Why wouldn’t we?”

She blinked. “Well, people should keep to themselves. Blacks to blacks, whites to whites. I could never live in a black town in Russia. But it’s ok here, I guess. It seems to go alright with everyone.”

I have yet to discover if there are “black towns” in Russia, though there may have been a translation issue. I can’t honestly recall ever having heard of any black people in the former U.S.S.R. The point is, the idea of coexisting with other races was bizarre to her. It wasn’t quite abhorrent, but it was clearly uncomfortable.

Lefties think the rest of the world is so lovely and cosmopolitan and advanced, yet the rest of the world still practices “ethnic cleansing” or, in milder social climates, just plain old fashioned racism. If you heard a white American saying to another white American, “I won’t let my daughter date a black guy,” you’d take them to task, would you not?

If you heard a Korean mother say that, what would you do? I know what I would do. But what would a Lefty do? Would it be okay for a Korean mother to say it? Are non-Americans held to different standards than Americans? Are Koreans incapable of racism in the Left’s eyes? Is racism from some more okay than others? If the Pakistani guy in your pre-med class spits any time someone says “homosexual”, is that ok?

The Left has been so busy calling everything racist that they appear to forget what actual racism looks like. It is ugly. It summarily judges people not even on the stereotypes comedians use to get laughs from members of their own race. It judges them simply on skin colour. It says “Us versus You.” And it is everywhere in the world much more pronounced and much more accepted than it is in America.

I know there is real racism and homophobia in America. I have heard it. I have risked my safety defending friends from skinheads. However, no group of skinheads is as scary as the government sanctioned persecution of homosexuals. No group of skinheads is as pervasive as an entire nation of people rejecting the cultures of all persons outside their country. America is the most accepting and welcoming nation on the planet. I would venture that the United Kingdom and Canada are a close second.

I’m tired of snippy Leftists bashing this good land full of sweet people who are able to enjoy each other in near perfect harmony much of the time. They must avoid talking to people of other races and nationalities, or they’d agree. Who’s xenophobic now? I invite the Left to really bother to explore middle class American culture and then talk to some middle class Russians, Koreans, and students from the Middle East. They may find themselves covering their hearts and singing along with the national anthem next Independence Day, rather than mocking it. They may even say “God bless America.”

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