Kerry’s Yacht

You want to know my definition of a racist wealthy elitist?  It’s a guy who can cut a check for $500K for something he claims he doesn’t owe, but gives almost nothing to charity! Now that I would say to Obama might be the definition of having too much…and being a hypocrite!

Yet again an elitist Democrat attempts to skirt the tax system, a system he was instrumental in creating. But for the racist, elitist, “build a career at all cost”, Progressive Democrats, they forget that the laws they pass have unintended consequences!

Though Kerry has Bush One to thank for outing him during the Era of Read My Lips, as Jim Carrey did in Liar Liar, Kerry kicked his own ass by voting for the new yacht tax back in 1990. Kerry was likely thinking “What are the chances I will find some wealthy widow with a yacht willing to marry me?!

A hypocrite on Vietnam and a hypocrite on taxes, John Kerry first proffers the excuse to his yacht problem:

“It’s my wife’s yacht!”

Oh so it’s his WIFE who is the tax-evading scalawag, not John Kerry!  Was she also with him on the swift boat back in Nam, where she witnessed his bravery as he earned one of his many purple hearts for clipping his toe nails while under enemy fire?

Kerry’s next excuse?

“It’s under warranty down there,” he explained. “It’s being worked.”

Maybe Kerry’s brain is what needs a warranty?! How stupid does Kerry believe America to be to believe that his NEW yacht was in need of warranty service, right out of the box?! The only maintenance Kerry could have authorized was the installation of gold toilets and the hanging of portraits of Obama!

Kerry said of the “warranty” work:

“Let’s get this very straight…I’ve said consistently that we will pay our taxes. We’ve always paid our taxes. It is not an issue. Period. We’ve always paid our taxes, we’ll pay our taxes.”

Sounds just a tad defensive to me; like Kerry wants to make a point! “We’ll pay our taxes…even if we don’t think we owe them, because I know how bad this looks politically and ok well yes, YOU CAUGHT ME!  HAPPY NOW?!!”

And pay his taxes he did. John “Fannie Freddie Kickback” Kerry wrote a check faster than Obama can toss friends under the bus. After initially telling people that it wasn’t any of their business, Kerry forked over 15 seconds of the national debt just like that…after getting permission from his wife first, of course.

Kerry thought he was pulling a fast one. But was it really a fast one?

When you have a tax system that nobody understands, a system that is set up to extort money and intimidate, why not look for the loopholes? Kerry just found what for most American taxpayers is 100 lifetimes of loopholes in one fell swoop! To pay a luxury tax on an item that you have already paid a sales tax on is ridiculous, but such is Liberal logic, until it’s time for them to pay up.

Tim Geithner didn’t pay his taxes. Tom Daschle didn’t pay his taxes. Ron Kirk, Kathleen Sebelius, and the list goes on, and that’s just a few from Obama’s administration! Surely Kerry figured he could sail by (hehe…) on this issue, as other Liberal reprobates have done past and present.

And why shouldn’t Kerry’s yacht Isabelle get all the privileges of illegal aliens? Isabelle deserved to be moved and hidden in a sanctuary state like Rhode Island? After all, Isabelle was only doing the job that American yachts were unwilling to do.

Here’s the wrap:

Isn’t it rich Republicans who are supposed to have yacht problems? And why is the Boston Herald outing a Democrat elitist for being a tax-evading lowlife? Shifting political winds? Performing a public service to MA taxpayers? Could be. But whatever the motive of the Herald, you can bet that Kerry isn’t the only wealthy resident of MA who is parking their yachts in Rhode Island.

The newly Christened Isabelle will host many lavish parties, providing pleasure to America’s most affluent guests. Isabelle will be an equal opportunity yacht, employing a staff of illegal Mexicans and poor blacks to keep her maintained, until the next time the she entertains a group of wealthy white Liberal Progressives…who don’t pay their yacht taxes.

That’s my rant!

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