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Racism Declared Reason for Fat Black Kids

The most recent statement by Michelle Obama baffles me, as she compared black children’s health to the age old Democrat policies of slavery and Jim Crow laws:

“We are living today in a time where we’re decades beyond slavery, we are decades beyond Jim Crow, when one of the greatest risks to our children’s future is their own health…”

Exactly what racist Democrat policies have to do with chubby black kids was initially lost on me. Thankfully Obama illuminated an often overlooked aspect of racism by me and the rest of America in this statement:

“African American children are significantly more likely to be obese than are white children. Nearly half of African American children will develop diabetes at some point in their lives. People, that’s half of our children.”

Imagine my surprise to learn that one can recognize racist policies in fat black kids. Here I thought racism was when black men intimidating white voters are not prosecuted for obvious voter intimidation, by a black Attorney General, simply because the perpetrators were black.

I erroneously believed that racism had occurred when a black president spoke out (without any facts) on behalf of a black professor behaving badly, and who was given preference over a white cop doing his job.

Michelle Obama goes on to praise the work of the NAACP in stemming the tide of America’s racist health policies in this statement:

“And if we don’t do something to reverse this trend right now, our kids won’t be in any shape to continue the work begun by the founders of this great organization…”

Obama neglected to honor by name the true trendsetter for the new NAACP—none other than Jesse Jackson. Jackson has been the torch bearer for the Liberal black community for decades. More recently Jackson reminded non-conforming blacks, “You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man.”

Another trailblazer, this one white, is Senator Harry Reid (D) Nevada. Reid spearheaded the pursuit of government-run healthcare, as he invoked the race card here:

“When this body was on the verge of guaranteeing equal civil rights to everyone regardless of the color of their skin, some senators resorted to the same filibuster threats that we hear today.”

Ironically, one of the senators to which Harry referred was the late great racist and tangential KKK member Senator Byrd (D) W. VA.

As it turns out, there is a plausible explanation to this generational crisis of “racism by healthcare” that is being perpetrated on the black community, as Michelle Obama points out here:

“In fact, studies have found that African American children spend an average of nearly six hours a day watching TV — and that every extra hour of TV they watch is associated with the consumption of an additional 167 calories.”

Who knew that watching TV was linked to racism? 

Nevertheless, if we follow the bread crumbs we will find that not only is watching TV racist, but also the television itself is complicit in this conspiracy. A conspiracy of global proportions.

The conspiracy began with the American television manufacturers of the  racially charged time of the 1950’s. The torch was passed from racist American companies to racist Asian companies like Sony, LG, Samsung, Vizio—now known as Big TV.

Before we tackle Big TV, let’s consider yet another racist industry and part of the conspiratorial scheme to fatten up America’s poor black children. Michelle Obama explains the racism in the grocery industry:

“For many folks, those nutritious family meals are a thing of the past, because a lot of people today are living in communities without a single grocery store, so they have to take two, three buses, a taxi, walk for miles just to buy a head of lettuce for a salad or to get some fresh fruit for their kids.”

Here’s the wrap:

The confluence of Big TV and Big Food has led to desperation by America’s black children, as FLOTUS points out here:

“…So instead, they wind up grabbing fast food or something from the corner store or the mini-mart — places that have few, if any, healthy options…And we’ve seen how kids in our communities regularly stop by these stores on their way to school — buying themselves sodas and pop and chips for breakfast. And we’ve seen how they come right back to those same stores after school to buy their afternoon snack of candy and sugary drinks.”

I’m just glad that Michelle Obama put the obesity of black children clearly in the hands of those who deserve the blame!  In the America where Michelle Obama can finally for the first time in her adult life be proud, you cannot blame black parents or the Progressive policies for fat black kids. Doing that would make you a racist!

That’s my rant!

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