Women’s Movement Reprise

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Women’s Movement Reprise, by Rachael Williams

After decades of men bearing the brunt of feminist hostility, it seems they’ve found a new target for their resentment: Their own bodies. 

Katheryn Blundell, the editor of parenting magazine “Mother and Baby’s”, recently wrote an article referring to breastfeeding as “creepy” and offering a list of reasons why her baby didn’t deserve the best nutrition possible.  Among her excuses; she wanted her body back, and didn’t see it appropriate for her “teeny, tiny, innocent baby latching on where only a lover has been before”.  Apparently no one has told Blundell that when she lost her virginity, she was allowing a lover where only her gynecologist had been before.  Sex and motherhood are full of firsts, and if she is this appalled at nursing, let’s just say a lifetime of gasps await her.   

Sadly, she’s not alone in her disgust at the act of a mother nursing her child.  Kim Kardashian tweeted with revulsion,

EWW Im at lunch,the woman at the table next 2 me is breast feeding her baby with no coverup [sic].

While Blundell’s voluntary ignorance at what should be her area of expertise is both saddening and offensive, Kardashian takes the irony award for being offended by a nursing mother when her claim to fame was a leaked sex tape.

In today’s world, it’s perfectly acceptable to be a porn star and trot around in front of the paparazzi showing as much cleavage as possible; but a mother breastfeeding her child qualifies as vulgar. 

The message is loud and clear: Women’s bodies exist for sex, and nothing else. 

Why would any woman accept such a short-sighted view of womanhood?  Put simply, it’s the result of decades of the feminist movement trying to convince women that female empowerment is achievable only though sexual empowerment. 

Feminism began with the noblest of intentions for women, fighting for equal job opportunities, equal pay, and acknowledgment as equal to men.  While women indeed are fundamentally equal to men, they are also fundamentally different.  Feminists don’t want to acknowledge that point, and instead want women to abandon the idea that one’s body is an instrument of motherhood, and instead use masculine sexual aggression to make themselves more like men.  As a male friend of mine said, “Women should aim higher!”

Hollywood propaganda like Sex and the City has venerated competitive promiscuity.  The characters are presented simultaneously as heroines and whores, their loveless love-making portrayed as something to aspire to.  Meanwhile, the same young women who idolize these characters are being indoctrinated in school to believe that safe, easily-accessible abortion is a foundation of their rights as women. 

In a move that would have the National Organization of Women (NOW) beaming, this report reveals that a Seattle school nurse offered to provide a pregnant student with transportation and funding for an abortion—so long as she kept it a secret from her mother.  It’s no wonder that women are unable to recognize that their breasts could serve a purpose in nurturing their child, if they are taught from such an early age that sex is without consequence or commitment, and even a pregnancy doesn’t have to mean having a baby.  It appears that our pro-abortion culture is the only thing that the women of NOW are likely to give birth to and lovingly nurture.

Feminism has convinced women that empowerment and exploitation are synonymous. In the process feminism has not only killed women’s self-worth, but also their maternal instinct.  It’s become so difficult for women to view themselves as anything other than a sex object , that any act involving their body is seen as something sexual.  The most basic and beautiful of human interactions such as  a mother nursing her child is seen as ruining a woman’s sexual organs, and viewed with disdain and ridicule, rather than admiration and sentimentality.

In some ways, the change in what is expected of women could be seen as a positive—freeing women from a lifestyle that may not suit them.  However, more often than not, it means that the new expectation demands as much sex as possible with as many partners as possible, and any potential consequences of that sex be dismissed without a second thought.  When compared to the staggering numbers of babies killed each year in abortion procedures, the choice to deny a child the birthright of their mother’s milk seems downright insignificant. 

What is significant is that NOW and those who think like them have made their own bodies the enemy, and not only do women suffer for it, their children are punished as well.  If women really want to be empowered they need to abandon this anti-woman brand of feminism, and give birth to a new generation of girls who will grow up knowing that womanhood means a lot more than just lying under a man.

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