Obama’s – True Black Royalty

I’d be curious to know how many vacations the average black person has taken in the last 18 months.  The eight vacations the Obamas have taken are more vacations taken by half the black population of America in the same timeframe! I know of NO working person who has taken EIGHT vacations in EIGHTEEN months. When you take that many vacations, vacationing is your JOB!

When will black folks figure out that the Obamas are frauds, living the American dream, a dream for them built on the false premise of racism in America?  The Obamas must truly know that they have black Democrats in check, when you consider the amount of money Michelle is spending in Spain, and the state of the black condition in America. Or maybe black Democrats are cool with it all, because they aren’t footing the bill—that will be left to “working Americans!”

While America eats cake, Michelle gallivants through Spain with Sasha,one of her daughters, as if they are African royalty—by way of Hawaii, of course.

But don’t expect any outcry from the black Democrat community. Obama will continue to poll high amongst “silly Negros,” most giving him a pass, saying things like, “Bush took vacations, too!”

Bush did vacation. But he didn’t do it during financial freefall!  I suspect that had Obama been president when the World Trade Center was bombed, he would likely have planned a vacation! No, even Bush would not have been THAT stupid!

As for the jaunt to Spain by Michelle, Michelle’s staunchest supporters—black Democrats—do get to live vicariously through her and Sasha, and that’s all they care about.

“Ooo Girl, look at where Michelle and Sasha get to stay, and look at where they goin’ shoppin’ Girl! I just LOVE our ‘All things BLACK’ First Lady!”

Nobody seems to be questioning the TIMING of this trip?  During her husband’s 49th birthday? Is there trouble in Black Camelot?  Barack spends his birthday with Oprah?! It’s not like they didn’t know the day was coming.  I say there is trouble in paradise, and somebody should check out that story!

When you consider that MSNBC’s OlberGeek and Chrissy Matthews are beginning to say not so nice things about His Light-Tanness, then you know there is blood in the water. Despite appearances, I suggest the economy isn’t the only duty Barack is mishandling! I’m just sayin’!

Spain remains an ironic choice too. After all, the State Department had Spain listed as a racist country, because two black Americans were detained a year or so ago.  Apparently detaining blacks makes a country racist in the Obama administration.  My curiosity is where they found two blacks living under Obama who could afford to go to Spain!

No harm, no foul.  Spain is now a former racist country!  The State Department lifted that racist designation just in time for Michelle to practice that Spanish her husband recommended all Americans learn.  Barack is a visionary.

I’m just happy that the racism issue was resolved, so our chief export won’t be race-baiting.  I’m sure that now that Spain has been cleared of racism, Michelle’s diplomatic mission (*wink*) is to implement a new diversity program for Spain.

To do so Michelle is joined by 33 members of the NAACP and the New Black Panthers, as a show of solidarity for Spain, and flanked by an all-white detachment of the Secret Service. Black Power:  Under white supervision.

Here’s the wrap:

Can you imagine the outcry had Laura Bush or [insert white First Lady here] tried anything remotely close to this? There would have been riots in black neighborhoods all over the country. The media would have been furious.

“How could she?!  The NERVE!  In this day of financial turmoil in America, the racist Republican First Lady vacations in Cleveland…at her mother’s funeral!”

If nothing else, it’s in poor taste for the Obamas to spend taxpayer money so blatantly, and for what?  The White House said this was a “personal” trip, so the $500-2500 hotel rooms were paid out of the Obamas personal money. What about the 70 plus Secret Service, and Air Force One? Or did they fly commercial? Socialist please!

A black man who after the Democrat convention in 2000 had to borrow money for cab fare back home now sends his wife and child on vacation in Spain.

How’s that for pursuit of that racist American dream!

That’s my rant!

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