That Racist DEA

What up, yo? You flat illin’, if you think that in the time of Obama, the DEA would partake in racial profiling. But that is exactly what they are doing with the hiring of people who speak Ebonics! Our stimulus dollars finally created nine jobs! Fashizzle, my Nizzle!

In 1997 the Linguistic Society of America passed a resolution calling Ebonics a form of communication that deserves recognition and study. Characterizations of Ebonics as ‘slang,’ ‘mutant,’ ‘lazy,’ ‘defective,’ ‘ungrammatical’ or ‘broken English’ are incorrect and demeaning.


A language formerly considered lazy a few decades ago is now en vogue. To emphasize this, the government hires people too lazy to learn proper English to monitor those too lazy to partake in the American Dream.

In the 1800’s Ebonics was spoken by slaves to keep Massa from knowing what the slaves were doing. Ironically, the re-enslavement of America has slaves repeating history.

For those wondering why Ebonics speakers are needed, it may be that Democrat policies have led to there being more drug use, thus more drug sales, dare I say more drug crimes…in da hood?

Though this article says it’s not just black folks’ phones that are being tapped, conversations intercepted and translated, I’m not so sure. This program will be rolled out in what is described as “the agency’s Southeast Region — which includes Atlanta, Georgia; Washington; New Orleans, Louisiana; Miami, Florida; and the Caribbean…” 

Let’s analyze these areas:

Atlanta, GA – Chocolate City

DC – Chocolate City

New Orleans – Chocolate City

Miami – Caramel Chocolate City

Caribbean – Chocolate Islands

As Jesse Jackson proclaimed while race-baiting the banking crisis, “They are targeting the blacks and browns.”

I’m inclined to agree, as it appears this program has been gerrymandered. In Florida for example, these new agents aren’t being deployed in Naples!

But you can’t possibly think that Eric Holder or Obama wants to really crack down on drugs, ergo crime in black neighborhoods. Two brothas who would not prosecute Black Panthers?!  The HNIC who appointed Van Jones to his Czar network?!  Cracka please!

Neither of these light-skinned, metrosexual brothas would run the risk of losing street cred.

This token gesture—pardon the pun—is just political posturing, and what this administration thinks will be a win win.  Liberal blacks who will never abandon Obama will proclaim that he is cleaning up black neighborhoods, creating jobs, providing opportunities, and so on.

However, if a Republican administration were hiring Ebonics agents, these same blacks would be crying foul, and joined in their chorus by every race-baiting Leftist organization in America.

The lamestream media would report, “Republicans Targeting Blacks with Racist Hiring”!

Here’s the wrap:

Leave it to Democrats to promote the use of a useless language to fight a war that can’t be won with the current strategy, then to attempt to sell the Ebonics as a language.

Ebonics is creative code that takes elements of English, and synthesizes it, so it is not understood by the mainstream. Like Jazz for example, Ebonics is no longer just “black,” but it belongs to all. Ebonics has a sort of poetry to it, as its use of metaphors requires one to think, sometimes deeply.

Given that definition, this administration could use some creative types capable of deeper thought.

Because as it stands now,

“O and his peeps pitchin’ straight game, hella clownin’ America. Can’t nobody fade them chickenheads, cuz they stone wack; tryin’ to git all of America to catch a ride, and laying a bum beef on the Republicans. Ya feel me?!”

Peace out!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC All Rights Reserved

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