Racism Gets Real

Just when you thought racism was just political, Omar Thornton goes on a killing spree at his former job, saying that he had been “racially harassed,” making racism a reality.  Only in reality, it was Omar who was the proven racist.

Thornton’s harassment? He was fired for stealing from his union job!

In the real world, when a person steals from the job, they get fired, and potentially go to jail. But when you are in a union and part of the post-racial world of Obama, you get some Crackers with your whine.

Before “taking matters into his own hands,” as Thornton said in his statement, do you think that he might have reported these so-called racial issues, filing grievances with the union?  Pulling the race card with unions still gets blacks promoted, right?

But Thornton didn’t file any complaints with the union. So we will never know what harassment actually occurred, if any. My bet is Thornton considered the white worker who reported that Thornton was stealing as being racist!

Is anybody asking if Thornton followed the advice of the New Black Panther Party’s advice to kill Crackers?  Perhaps Thornton was bucking for the New Black Panther Party’s Image Award.

I doubt that Attorney General Eric Holder will follow the bread crumbs on this one and indict the NBPP for hate speech. Nor will he make them complicit for this obvious hate crime.  I bet Holder won’t even consider this a hate crime. No reason to stir that pot.  Since Thornton took his own life, he can sweep this one under the bus.

As crazy as this sounds, many in the Liberal black community justify Thornton’s behavior.

“I can relate.  It’s like that time when my supervisor axed me to show up to work on time, and I threatened to kill him. My union steward called me in and axed me not to say that no more, then we laughed at my Cracker supervisor!”

Like Obama in the Professor Gates, these blacks don’t need to hear the whole story. They will claim “institutional racism!” Ironically, institutional racism was institutionalized by Democrats!  Payback for the Democrat policy of institutional racism is for rules not to apply to blacks. You keeping up?!

I’m actually surprise His O-ness hasn’t weighed in on this, indicting the whites who “created this mess.” I can hear his press conference now:

“Omar Thornton’s bright light has been extinguished at the hands of those who prevented him from thriving at his workplace. A man simply trying to get what was coming to him…a man who embraced hope and change!”

With Obama’s hope and change strategy, you should start to look at crazy ideas like racism being covered under our insurance plans.  It will be sneaked in with HR Benefits plans that explain, “If you believe you are being racially harassed, you may qualify for counseling…if you’re black.”

After counseling you can then file for Workmen’s Compensation, and there you go, “40 acres and a Mule.”

Here’s the wrap:

Over the past few decades, many Democrat blacks have been taught to hate whites.  It is practically impossible for black Democrats NOT to make something racial. Black Democrats like the idea of keeping whites off kilter, because that’s they have learned that’s how you get handouts! Act out and expect a reward.

The tragedy is that in a country with the opportunity that America offers without prejudice, Thornton decided to steal his. I grieve for those families who must now confront the real specter of racism, where a black man kills white people for not allowing him to steal from his job. These folks will likely battle within themselves to not dislike blacks, simply because ONE black man decided to pull the race card in the ultimate way.

This new form of “terrorism by race card” may have found a new level, and you can expect Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and that ilk to be meeting to figure out how to capitalize on this. They will propose programs to prevent blacks from going postal, when they are fired for stealing, or other forms of what was formerly known as insubordination.

I suspect the new Jackson-Sharpton solution will be as simple as, “Just let black folks steal on the job, this sh*t won’t happen!”

Where is the NAACP in expressing outrage to such an event, obviously motivated by race? Why won’t black organizations speak out about this and other obvious hate crimes? They are too busy creating fake racism claims, I suspect.

Whether it’s New Black Panthers intimidating threatening whites or Omar Thornton taking their advice and actually killing whites, it is Liberal, Progressive, Democrat racists who are responsible for this shooting.

That’s my rant!

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