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Devaluing the Dollar

Some Leftist bureaucrat believes that the redesign of the America currency is the way to stimulate the economy. I’m surprised the Obama administration hasn’t snatched this brainiac up! The idea of doing nothing truly original as stimulus for the Obama administration is quite simply what their genius was built on…nothing!

In reviewing the winning design (pictured above), I couldn’t help by note that Obama is on the proposed new $1 bill.  I tend to have lots of ones in the Obama economy, so the idea that I could possibly have to carry Obama around with me anywhere leaves me speechless and nauseous.  Carrying his sorry ass in my pocket or wallet, though only figuratively, disturbs me greatly.  And the fact that there are those who believe Obama deserves the consideration, the honor of being pictured on American currency vexes me as well!

Obama’s only distinction for such a consideration can be based solely on him being the first half-black president; because it certainly won’t be based on his accomplishments!  His accomplishments would put him on the $3 bill.  Putting Obama on any currency would be like honoring the guy who finished 5th place in a karaoke contest.

You might be thinking, “What’s the big deal, Kevin?  After all, Obama would be on the smallest denomination of American paperbacks!” 

True.  But therein lies the problem. 

Most people spend much more time with dollars, than they do with other denominations.  I know that Donald Trump carries hundos—note: Democrat racist FDR is on that $100 bill in the winning design.  However, I would still bet you that Trump ends up with quite a few dollars in his silk-lined Italian suit pants pockets. Ya mean?!

Obama Dollars would be just like pennies:  No matter what, you would end up with a few of them cluttering up your pockets. 

The Obama Dollar does have the the potential for good, in that it may accomplish two things.  One, it could  help Michelle in her battle against obesity. Two, it could help Barack in his own jobs creation initiative.  How so?

With respect to obesity, Obama’s face on the Obama Dollar will have many American “tossing their cookies” on a daily basis. If you can’t keep it down, how can you get fat?!

Next, the Obama Dollar supports Obama’s jobs creation bill, because restaurants will require more barbacks to clean up the vomit.

If I’m alive when Obama is on the $1 bill, I could go complete broke.  I would refuse to carry the bill.  When I break a larger denomination, I would not keep $1.

Valets, bellmen, doormen, taxi drivers,  would love me, as I emptied my pockets of the worthless currency. Waiters and waitresses would benefit, particularly at the dives I frequent, because when I break a $20—Tribute to NASA Bill (see pic)—for my $11 meal, they will get a $4 (36%) tip!

Just give me back the five back, and you can keep the CHANGE,” I will tell them!

I’m not sure when Obama would even be eligible for consideration to be placed on currency, but I hope it’s after my lifetime. It would seem to me that there are enough truly great historical Americans that Obama might never be considered for such an honor.

I hope that if the time comes to consider Obama to be placed on American currency, America has enough sense to never allow the only president in history who began his presidency by thwarting the Constitution, then did everything he could to destroy it on any currency.  I hope that by the time Obama can even be considered for the distinction of being on currency, America would be beyond the idea of “race” as a factor for such an honor. He got into office with nobody considering his character, so let’s not remind ourselves of the stupidity of the “Classless of 2008!”

Here’s the wrap:

There is a good chuckled in all of this. 

Given the value of a dollar, Obama’s bill would be the equivalent of a buffalo nickel by the end of his term, and thus a rare find. The occasional $2 bill. If I’m around I will lobby to get him on the half-penny, for obvious reasons.

In the meantime, the Left can continue with their “job creation” ideas, like creating more government agencies to oversee other government agencies, and unions to fight for rights workers already have. They can fund government agencies to work with “civil rights” organizations and poverty pimps debating the undebatable. And they can continue to elect legislators like Pelosi who call unemployment STIMULUS! That’s how they roll.

Nevertheless, I do have an idea for “stimulus.” Let the government create Federal toilet paper available with the likeness of Obama, and…well you get the picture.

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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