Fat Dumb and Unhappy

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I get outraged, when I hear absolute BS by politicians, and Obama pegged my BS meter on his discussion of education.  As with all things Obama, he straddles both sides of an issue, leaving Americans fat, dumb, and unhappy.

While on Good Morning America, Obama responded to the question of why his daughters are in private school in DC versus public schools.  He offered this excuse:

There are some terrific individual schools in the D.C. system. And that’s true, by the way, in every city across the country. In my hometown of Chicago there are some great public schools that are on par with any private school in the country.

Obama says that DC schools are struggling.  Seriously?!  Yet he takes no responsibility for the struggle.

I won’t rehash Obama’s cancelling of the Bush voucher program—a program that had a proven track record of success in DC. You can draw your own conclusions on whether Obama felt the children of DC were more important than his promises to the teachers’ unions.

Obama knows that public schools in DC are pathetic, which is why his daughters attend private school. And it’s not like this is Malia’s and Sasha’s first foray into école privée!  They attended private school in Chicago as well!

As for “school choice” in DC, Obama comes clean about his daughters’ school choice in answering a question about sending them to private school:

I’ll be very honest with you: Given my position, if I wanted to find a great public school for Malia and Sasha to be in, we could probably maneuver to do it.

That’s how an elitist answers a question. Elitist tell you YOUR problem, as they avoid the problem in their own lives.

Meanwhile we have an education system that puts 100% of taxpayer money into 70% of the kids. 30% of the kids who do not attend public school get none of the money, i.e. home school, faith-based schools, and private schools. Yet this is where our “best and brightest” come from.

America’s “gubment” schools fail as many as 50% of children, yet Obama and other Liberals do nothing except provide platitudes.  His daughters get superior educations, avoiding the gang-infested, crime-infested, drug-infested gauntlet of the  inferior education of “gubment” schools—the schools where our kids are relegated.

To put education in America in real life terms, consider that a school is in the business of producing scholars, manufacturing a good student, as it were.  A manufacturing plant producing 50% good product would SHUT DOWN! In other words, 50% of your product is defective.

Yet our public schools continue to operate inefficiently and ineffectively, and continue to ask for more money. The American public, the taxpayer is the stockholder of the public school system, but has no voice in it. When the corporation known as the public school system wants more money to run one of the worst businesses in the world, they simply confiscate more funding.

Public schools offer no statistical process control (SPC), nor do they employ Six-Sigma manufacturing experts to improve production. They remain content with 50% fallout, and continue for the most part to operate in a “business as usual” mode.

In the real world of manufacturing, if you have 5% fallout, there is a company-wide panic. The company would call meetings with quality engineers, manufacturing engineers, plant managers, and they would not rest until they could get to 99%+ throughput. Can you imagine Mercedes (pre-Chrysler) having five defective cars per hundred roll off the assembly line?

Here’s the wrap:

To be clear, ALL public schools are struggling, which is why Obama is saying that public schools are for “other people’s ‘chirrens’,” not the Obama’s. It’s not like they didn’t have enough taxpayer-funded flunkies to help find that “great public school for Malia and Sasha,” or were Michele’s 32 or so suck-ups conveniently unavailable?

Like Michele’s battle against obesity, Barack Obama has no intention of actually addressing the fundamentally flawed systems.  In education, the teachers’ union—the very union who has failed America’s children—are owe favors by Obama and all other Liberal politicians, so the sytem is safe.  The teachers’ union is free to continue its incompetence.

All systems in America are about Liberal elites providing less for the populace than they give to themselves. It’s no different in healthcare, pensions, housing, diet, and so on. The rules are for the princes, not the paupers.

Obama opines,

But the broader problem is, for a mom or a dad who is [sic] working hard but who don’t have a bunch of connections, don’t have a lot of choice in terms of where they live, they should be getting the same quality education for their kids as anybody else, and we don’t have that yet.

If you read between the lines, Obama is saying that America’s kids should be going to private schools, just like Malia and Sasha. If only all Americans could be elites, we might not be fat, dumb, and unhappy.

That’s my rant!

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