Hillary Punks Obama

I love it when two Liberal heavyweights battle it out over a subject, particularly when they are both wrong. Obama weighed in on the drug trafficking comments by his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Her comment on the War on Drugs was covered by MSNBC:

Mexico is “looking more and more like Colombia looked 20 years ago, where the narco-traffickers control certain parts of the country,”

The problem with Hillary’s premise is that Colombia is not a whole lot better today than it was 20 years ago, just more sophisticated if anything! Anybody think you would have any trouble locating cocaine or crack in the US?  As for Colombia, I don’t think the kidnappings and killings have stopped, at least not if you believe Hillary’s own State Department warning regarding travel to Columbia:

In recent months there has been a marked increase in violent crime in Colombia.  Murder rates have risen significantly in some major cities, particularly Medellin and Cali.  Kidnapping remains a serious threat.  American citizens have been the victim of violent crime, including kidnapping and murder.  Firearms are prevalent in Colombia and altercations can often turn violent.  Small towns and rural areas of Colombia can still be extremely dangerous due to the presence of narco-terrorists. Common crime also remains a significant problem in many urban and rural areas. For additional details about the general criminal threat, please see the Department of State’s Country Specific Information for Colombia.

Obama’s retort to Hillary was as follows:

“Mexico is vast and progressive democracy, with a growing economy, and as a result you cannot compare what is happening in Mexico with what happened in Colombia 20 years ago…”

Obama tries to appear competent by really saying nothing significant.  In Hillary’s defense, you can compare anything you want! I think she’s right to compare the two, particularly when you consider how the drug cartels work. NPR reported the following:

As Mexico pushes forward with its offensive against the drug cartels, violence has spread and the country has been rocked recently by a wave of high-profile kidnappings.

So Hillary is correct on her comparison, however both these Liberal mental midgets have missed the point. This war on drugs isn’t about Mexico or Colombia. It’s about the good old USA.

While Clinton and Obama recognize the War on Drugs, they agree that Arizona should be sued for…fighting the War on Drugs!

Parts of Arizona and other border towns have been essentially ceded to Mexico by our Federal government, with the Fed posting warning signs to Americans, that there are areas in America that we Americans should not go! For safety reasons. There are Mexican bandidos and potential terrorists crossing at those points.

But it’s not just border towns anymore. The violence has spread to the interior. In this ABC article titled, “Kidnapping Capital of the U.S.A.” we learn that Phoenix is now the kidnapping capital of America, “with more incidents than any other city in the world outside of Mexico City and over 370 cases last year alone.”

“We’re in the eye of the storm,” Phoenix Police Chief Andy Anderson told ABC News of the violent crimes and ruthless tactics spurred by Mexico’s drug cartels that have expanded business across the border. “If it doesn’t stop here, if we’re not able to fix it here and get it turned around, it will go across the nation,” he said.

So according to Clinton, Colombia was as Mexico is.  According to Obama, Mexico is nothing like what Columbia was, and more like what Colombia is.  I say, Colombia is what Mexico is, what the United States is fast becoming, and it’s because of an administration of toddlers running with scissors!

Here’s the wrap:

This was less of a contradiction by Obama of his Secretary of State, and more a declaration of the Hillary Clinton 2012 Campaign for President. So Clinton fired a salvo at Obama to give him a prelude to his future, a future that will begin right after the November 2010 elections. 

Though Clinton’s comments showcased her lack of understanding about the real issue of the drug cartels, the statement was potentially more dangerous to Obama and his campaign in 2012.

Obama’s response shows exactly what he is—a incompetent office-holder, incapable of protecting the US and ineffective in the War on Drugs. It will get worse for Obama before it gets better. The same can be said for America, as long as either of these two are anywhere near the White House.

I predict however, that after the 2012 elections, the 3AM phone call will be answered by a true Conservative, likely a Republican!

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