King Obama and His One-Man Government

King Obama and his One-Man Government – by Rachael Williams

Recovery Summer is coming to a close, but Obama still needs to go to rehab for his addiction to power.

Ordinarily, a president—even when their party has a monopoly in DC—is merely a mascot and figurehead for their administration.   Presidents can set the agenda and direct the political atmosphere, but their authority is kept reined in by the checks and balances set by the Constitution.  If there’s one thing that Constitutional scholars are good at, it’s finding ways around it.

Take for example Obama’s deficit reduction panel.  The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (NCFRR) was dismissed as a joke, an attempt at showing America Obama’s nonexistent concern over skyrocketing debt.  But no one was laughing in June when the panel ran out of money a mere four months after forming. 

The budget is supposed to originate in Congress (but only if they feel like it, apparently), and the Congressional Budget Office has the specific purpose of scoring bills to calculate how much they will cost or save.  In addition, reconciliation affords the Senate a way of avoiding the need for a cloture vote in instances where a bill can save money in the coming fiscal year’s budget.  When both houses have their distinct purposes in managing the budget and by extension the deficit, there is no need for an entirely new bureaucracy for that purpose.  Unless, of course, the aim is to bypass the House and Senate and transfer the authority to an unelected group more in line with the president’s own ideals.

When Andy “Union Thug Extraordinaire” Stern was appointed to the NCFRR, our Usurper in Chief managed to bypass a centuries-old separation of powers and eliminate any threats to his tax-and-spend agenda.  Obama isn’t stupid—he did, after all, go to Haaaaaaahvard—and he knew that while the 52%ers fell for his faux populism the first time around, the “I feel your pain” schtick had been played by the other first black president.

Speaking of Clinton, at least he triangulated after the donkey bloodbath of ’94.  Carter missed out on re-election when people saw the true him—a putz in putz clothing. The Obama gambit more mimics The Carter Strategy, as he mistakes chess for checkers.  Believe it or not, Obama actually has America longing for the good ol’ days of Carter!

Obama’s arrogance and his constant need to find workarounds have led to his current situation.  ObamaCare is the quintessential example of this, as it contains so many bureaucratic loopholes that even the Congressional Research Service says it is “impossible” to figure out how many new government agencies it will spawn.  The debate dragged on for so long that the Democrats found themselves deafened by whispers of repeal as a motivation to bring out the vote for the mid-term election.  Obama took this into account and made sure that the final bill—which was not written by a Representative or Congressman—couldn’t just get stamped with VOID and thrown in the recycling.

While taking out the trash in November is tremendously important, it’s also important to remember that there are limits to just how much we’ll be able to do—simply because of how the bill was designed.  Reagan warned us that entitlement programs were “the closest thing to immortality in this life” and brother, he wasn’t kidding. Can you spare a dime?!

It’s not even just the gradual phasing-out of Congress and the Senate that Obama is using to make over the government in his own image.  If they won’t cooperate with his plans on Cap and Trade, he doesn’t need them.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is more than happy to force it upon us without the consent of our politicians—much less the consent of the governed.  Guess who it is that appoints the administrators of the EP (hint: it’s not the voters).

The official EPA website already features several pages dedicated to Cap and Trade touting the system as “a policy tool that delivers results”.  If by “results” they mean redistribution of wealth via skyrocketing electricity prices, I don’t doubt it.  Wait a second, Obama and redistribution of wealth… why does that sound so familiar?

The only difference between Obama and a junkie pawning his mom’s jewelry to pay for his next fix is that Obama thinks his fiscal kleptomania serves the greater good.  When he confiscates your liberties and tries to render impotent your elected leaders, he’s doing it for your own benefit.  Unless you took Hope and Change 101 at Haaaaaaahvard, you can’t be trusted to grasp just how awesome it’s going to be when he fundamentally transforms America.

You can forget about recovery.  It’s been Titanic!

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