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NAACP to Root out Racism

A new group formed to monitor racism and extremism with the Tea Party. The group who formed the new coalition, the NAACP  began as a noble group, but became corrupted. So much so, the group is now a racist group itself. Here is a tale of the modern-day NAACP.

There was a new kid in town and his name was Tea Party.  He hadn’t been in town long, and had already started making a bit of name for himself. Tea Party was not a trouble-maker, but not one who ran from it either.  He noticed how the system worked and decided to change it…from the grassroots up.

Tea Party quickly found a group of believers. People who had been quiet about activities in the town, but who now felt that enough was enough. Politicians were running roughshod over the people. The people felt powerless, that is until Tea Party arrived.

The new kid had gotten the attention of law enforcement early on. The town sheriff, Sheriff Pelosi wanted it clear that the status quo was in effect.  She had waited her whole life to gain control of the town, and she had a license to steal. No newcomer trouble-maker would stop the gravy train, and change things in her town.

She and the new half-black mayor conspired to bring Tea Party down.  The plan was for the mayor to marginalize Tea Party.  If the mayor could convince people that Tea Party was not who he said he was, then maybe that would make it so.  After all, the mayor was very eloquent…and clean

But the mayor’s pretty words went mostly unheard. His lips moved, but he said nothing.  The town had high unemployment and was being overrun by illegal immigrant desperados.  The mayor was spending money like Oprah Winfrey’s diet doctor.  He also was an enigma, as people knew little about him. It was even suspected that the mayor was an arsonist, burning down Christian churches. And he was always in re-election mode! 

The sheriff shifted strategy, and began ridiculing all who followed the new kid, calling them fakes and frauds.  Surely if she said it enough, then the people would begin to believe it. They certainly had in the past, when the status quo went unchallenged. 

To the sheriff’s chagrin, Tea Party continued to grow in stature, gathering more followers. His followers would gather for fellowship, praising things like baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Ford! They paid homage to Old Glory and the Bible, as they spoke of guns and government accountability. To the sheriff, they were considered heretics.

The sheriff was forced to bring in the community organizers Lewis and Cleaver. They were part of a group of thugs who had the ear of the black community.  Surely they could incite the people to turn against the new kid?

The community organizers accused Tea Party of racism. But Tea Party was multi-racial. His background would not allow the seed of racism to find its purchase.

The sheriff wasn’t buying it. Surely Tea Party had ONE racist in his family tree, and she set out to prove it.  So she brought in the school bully—the NAACP. She chartered the bully to challenge Tea Party to a fight at school.

The NAACP didn’t lose fights. His reputation of whooping ass with the race card was verified. This fight with the Tea Party would be no different.  A few feints, a couple of jabs, then the knockout punch.

The two met in the school yard, and the NAACP tried the same old tired moves. Tea Party flurried with a fury the NAACP had never seen, and NAACP found himself supine, and looking into the eyes of Sheriff Pelosi, asking “What happened?!”, as Pelosi lightly slapped his cheeks.

Here the wrap:

The NAACP did what all pansy, wannabe tough guys do.  He found other weaklings with whom to partner. 

The NAACP cozied up to Media Matters, ThinkProgess, and New Left Media, who were all too willing to add “racism” to their tool kits. The new partnership didn’t add to their gravitas, and have just become a pack of racist, elitist sissies. That’s the way the Left travels—in packs.

This new partnership formed “to monitor the Tea Party movement for racism and extremism!”

So this report says they are seeking videographers and bloggers to employ. I suggest they hire additional Photoshop artists, spin doctors, spitters, and racist sign makers.  These new hires will, “…call on the Tea Party to repudiate extremists among their ranks and join in civil dialogue with all Americans.”

These “spies” will likely be difficult to spot at Tea Parties, as they parade around in their Che t-shirts, and asking questions like, “You can’t really believe America is perfect, can you?”

However, there will be no fairytale or Hollywood ending for the NAACP. Because the NAACP and its new partners don’t have to look far for racism and extremism, and in fact should just check within their ranks.

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC All Rights Reserved

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