Obama on Jobs – Reprise 2010

When I read that Obama promised new jobs initiatives, I took it as a threat!  Obama said we are exiting “Recovery Summer.”  Obviously his Bizarro World interpretation! If we are exiting “Recovery Summer,” we are certainly entering “Delusional Fall.”

There is new spin from the White House on The War on Achievement.  Apparently the bright side of the latest economic report is the private sector gain of 67,000 jobs made up for the public sector loss of 114,000 jobs.

So the private sector—the child that Obama hates—is outperforming the public sector, the child that Obama adores. No surprise there. But the funny thing is that with all our spending and all the new regulations, Obama can’t even grow BIG government.

This is likely more a sign of just how big government has grown, so big in fact that even the 2000 new bureaucracies created by Obama won’t allow for more growth. Now THAT is a silver lining.

As for the private sector, I researched the jobs Obama created, and here is the list:

  • Obama bumper sticker removers
  • Trash disposal of pre-election Obama-mania knick-knacks
  • Internet researchers to monitor and retract Obama promises
  • Revisionist historians
  • Creative writers for “Blame Bush” narrative
  • Comedians to help with morale inside government
  • Comedians to help with morale outside government
  • Lawyers to interpret all nonsense legislation passed or in consideration
  • Factory workers to gold-plate ObamaTURDS

Impressive those jobs may be, unemployment continues to rise, increasing another 0.1% after holding steady at 9.5% for four months. Recall that the “stimulus” was to prevent the unemployment rate from going over 8%.

Further, everybody knows that the real unemployment figures are close to 20%. Things are so bad that many people have quit looking for jobs, and even illegal immigrants have cried “Mercy,” and started leaving.

During his campaign, Obama said that he would create 4.1M jobs. I thought he was talking in America! But in the Era of Obama, America has lost 4.8M jobs…and that’s just so FAR! I read a report that if we created 100K jobs per month it would not be enough to stop the hemorrhaging.

According to Obama, the culprit of this economy is a wily little white man known as “Small Business.” Small Business is the younger brother of Big Business, the second cousin to Big Oil, who is the half-brother to Big Tobacco, and of course all sons of George Bush the Elder. Bush is no relation to Big Auto and Big Banks, both sired by Big Government, whose father was “Too Big to Fail”!

Indirectly Obama called Small Business a slacker, unable to do its part in the “recovery.”  Perhaps this is because the only recovery that America has experienced is the recovery of its SANITY! 

No matter how many times White House spokesperson Gibbs and other spin doctors claim we are in a recovery, there is no recovery.  And the idea that without the “stimulus” things would be worse is the comment somebody would expect from an underachieving hack like Obama.

Obama has taken care of his crooked cronies, and the Unions, and paid back most of the favors to those who bought his “residency.” Damage done, he now says needs to shore up small business—just in time for the elections.

In this money grab, his O-ness has decided to “ask” Congress to pass his legislation.  Why should Obama have to ask a solidly Democrat congress to pass his legislation? Though he certainly provided the obligatory ‘blame Republicans for his failure’ mantra, it is the Democrats who are not supportive of his policies.

Here’s the wrap:

Obama may finally realize that his “words” really don’t matter anymore. Nobody is saying how eloquent he is after his speeches.  Obama’s words are as empty as his suits, now evident to even his former supporters.

Because of this, Democrats are running with scissors!  Like Jesse Jackson, Democrats are threatening to cut off Obama’s “baby makers,” as they see the writing on the wall. Democrats know this time there is no “October Surprise” coming to save the day; no sissy RINO like McCain to provide fodder, no Palin to shift focus, no nebulous “Yes We Can!”  Because Obama proves daily, NO HE CAN’T!

The economy is on life-support, and nothing Obama has done will allow for a miraculous recovery. Green jobs have already been created, when Obama gave our GREEN to the UNIONS! There are also those pesky little problems like Iran’s very public sodomizing of Obama (and the UN) with its nuclear program.  And then there is the likely increase in tension in the Middle East, as Obama inserts himself into that 2000 year old mess.  The mosque and Obama’s “muslimness” will not go away, why, because Obama won’t let it. He will figure out a way to keep the subject of his religion front and center, because that what the Koran tells him to do.

Oh let’s not forget the NATIONAL DEBT! As Obama says, we can spend our way out debt, and I can only imagine the jobs that will create!

That’s my rant!

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