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Republicans Brew Lite Tea

Soon-to-be House Speaker Boehner had barely finished his comments regarding the Republican’s Pledge to America, and I already had the taste of lite tea in my mouth? Republicans are serving watered down tea, and presenting it like it’s a bottle of 1787 Chateau Lafite Bordeaux.

The Pledge to America is little more than a retread of Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America. If you are a stickler, we have gone from a contract, something that at least implies a binding agreement, to a pledge, something that is worth only what the owner is willing to commit.

And what exactly are Republicans willing to commit—to pledge—to the American people, or more specifically the Tea Party people?

They pledge to continue to fight for something we already have: The Bush tax cuts.  I give them an A for effort, but we will likely get to keep those anyway, given that the Republicans will certainly take over the House and maybe even the Senate.

What Republicans should have put in their Pledge to America is further reductions in taxes, and not just for small business. They should have discussed getting rid of the IRS—America’s biggest extortion organization.  Is any Republican willing to step out on that flimsy fruit-filled limb, and begin addressing our antiquated “regressive” tax system with the Fair Tax? I guess that would have taken male genitalia, that Republicans don’t seem to have.

Obama added to America’s torment as he hired 16,000 new tax collectors to enforce DeathCare.

I do give the Republicans credit for their initiative to scrap DeathCare.  However that doesn’t end the extortion of the IRS, as the Fair Tax would render those 16,000 and a few thousand others as boat anchors.

The Republicans go on to say that they will make sure that legislation is reviewed by Congress. Nice!  Things will get reviewed. This reminds me of when Emanuel Cleaver (D-KS) after a meeting with Obama, reported back to his constituents that he had, “…got Obama to try to help Kansas City.”

Considering that the Liberals won’t even read legislation before shoving it up the hind quarters of us Sodomites, I’d say that is a win—if you’re a sissy Republican. Thanks for leaving the gas money on the dresser after that short and very unsatisfying encounter. Remind me to bring Vaseline next time.

Next, the Republicans pledge to cut spending, but without a lot of real specifics except that they will freeze the growth of government. Big deal. How about Republicans pledge to CUT the size of government? In case the Republicans are not sure where to cut, I have a suggestion: EVERYWHERE!

There is not a single government agency that doesn’t look like Rosie O’Donnell’s silhouette.

The Department of Energy, established in 1979 by the former worst president in history Jimmy Carter was formed with the goal to “lessen America’s dependence on foreign oil.” This department received $26B this year, taking the total spent on “the goal” to over half a trillion dollars since inception, and America is NO less dependent on foreign oil.

The Department of Energy boasts 16,000 bureaucrats ($1,625,000 per bureaucrat) not to mention the estimated 100,000 contractors needed to support the agency. For our money, America has a few ugly wind farms, and a lot of methane gas spewing from bureaucrats. The Republicans treat this agency like a sacred cow.

Another department engendered during the Carter Abomination is the Department of Education. Since ED was formed, America has actually gotten dumber, and I’m not just referring to the election of Obama.

The ED has 5000 employees, and oversees a budget from $56B to $68B (on their website) depending on which report you read.  In many municipalities half the kids are dropouts.

Imagine running a business where half your product was thrown away? Manufacturers have a fit when with 3% fallout, yet these “educators” seem content with 50% of their product not making it—or making it, if you’re a “cup is half full” type.

Even with this dismal report, Republicans are not trying to dismantle the ED, as Reagan did.  Nor are squashing the useless Department of Energy, the Department of Agriculture, Interior, and all others government agencies money pits.  Instead Republicans are for the most part ignoring these over-bloated, blood-sucking leeches that exist on the blood of the American taxpayers…with a little help from Beijing. Republican are giving us pledges!

Here’s the wrap:

Unlike the constituency of the past, Republicans will find that the grass roots people of today like the American military of WWII. Tea Party folks are willing to storm the beaches, so to say, and take the fight to the enemy. All the platitudes, political double-speak, and otherwise gobblety-goop will not work.

Republicans need to throw away the Gingrich playbook and evolve. It will be a long time before the stage is set as it has been by a movement as powerful as the Tea Party. The Pledge to America is blasé to say the least, and symptomatic of what is wrong with Republicans…old guard and lacking creativity.

Republicans should understand that the 70% of the Tea Party that is Republican is sick and tired of seeing Republicans giving us more of the same. What Tea Partiers won’t stand for is lite tea.

That’s my rant!

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