Blacks Turning on Obama

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Obama is more confused than a woodpecker in a concrete forest.  He has no real idea how he has fallen so fast from grace. So Obama finds himself in very uncomfortable territory—He knows that he is insane, but still not sure what’s wrong.

I warned people a while back that Obama really didn’t want to be president; he just wanted to win it! Obama is lazy at heart, and all he wanted were the awards and the accolades of the presidency, not the work!

Let others handle the details, I’m just here for the perks.

Handle things the Obama team has.  They have put Obama and the entire Democrat Party between a rock…and a bigger rock!

Democrats have lost the Independents who are hinting privately, “That Negro is crazy!”

Youth are demoralized, as we learn that 85% of college graduates are moving back home with Mom and Dad, because they can’t get jobs—not that Mom and Dad are doing that great themselves.

The Left of center appears to have been spooked by the ghost of Reagan!  They are running to the right faster than illegal immigrants coming to America.

So Obama is back doing what he loves…campaigning.

His favorite saying on the campaign trail is “You don’t want to go back to the failed policies of the past eight years!” When he is not saying this, he uses the analogy that the Republican drove the car in the ditch. Well we got the car out of the ditch and Obama is driving it off the cliff!

Obama’s policies have cost more money than all the white guys before him, and Obama has doubled unemployment. Talk about propagating the stereotype: “There goes the neighborhood.” If Obama keeps driving, he will drive America to Mexico!

Despite loving to campaign, even Obama knows he’s in big trouble.

I have said for some time that Obama’s approval in the black demography is slipping, despite what the polls say.  I believe the evidence of Obama’s desperation came with his inviting “selective” black media to the White House.

This tactic was interesting for two reasons.  First, sneaking in the black press is an indicator that Obama knows that the “white press” is abandoning him. Obama appears to have been trying to pull a fast one on the white media.

Next, this tactic reminded me of something that would have happened during the ‘60’s under a white Democrat president. They were “sneaking blacks in the back door,” as the White House was embarrassed to let America know that are, shhh…talking to the black press.

This is not the first time that blacks were treated as second-class citizens by this administration.  The black press has felt snubbed by Obama during his campaign, as they were only granted limited coverage. Obama took for granted that the black press would cover him favorably during his campaign, and they gladly accommodated.

Shortly after his election however, Obama continued taking the black media for granted, He proved was no different than white Democrat presidents who for years had taken the black vote for granted, as Obama dissed the black press. Under Obama, the black press was allowed into press conferences; however they were reseated and given no real seat at the table.

Obama believed that the black vote was well in hand, and the black press was not going to become yet another debt he had to repay. The list for payback was already long, with the Unions, special interests groups, then Obama’s political handlers. No other Democrat candidate had to be accountable to blacks, why should Obama.

The black press felt they had played a role in getting Obama elected, and he rewarded them by inviting them to the party, then making them “the help.” As soon as Obama got in office, he became whiter than Harry Reid, and traded his basketball for the golf clubs. Obama’s black media liaison—who resigned in August—spent more time keeping the black media away from Obama, so they wouldn’t see that Obama couldn’t even spell BET.

Here’s the wrap:

Obama is trying to do damage control in the black community—the only community where Obama still has a foothold.  He knows that if he loses this solid base, he is of no use to the Democrats who put him in power.

Democrats in general know that if they lose the black community, this won’t just affect the election of 2010, but would have a ripple effect that would be devastating to the Regressive agenda for years to come.

As for the black community, they are waking up.  The black community is slowly realizing that Uncle Barry has schizophrenia, and that he is no rock star.

Obama has unknowingly brought back the Reagan Revolution, as many blacks are seeing Democrats for what they really are, regardless of color.

As for Obama, unless he takes his meds, his malady will just get worse.

That’s my rant!

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