DC Hosts One Crazy Nation

In what has to be the largest gathering of fruits and nuts since the invention of Trail Mix, every Leftist organization in the Nation emerged from their rat holes to march on DC.

Give me your shiftless, your lazy, your ungrateful sycophants longing to freeload! The Statue of Slavery

These Leftist buffoons don’t even realize that they were protesting against their own messiah.  All in the name of Progressivism, Communism, Socialism, well let’s just call it what it is…Obamaism.

They called their group One Nation Working Together. Working together for what?  If they believe that Obamaism is working FOR America, then I suggest they learn Austrian and consider moving to Atlantis.

They promoted this event as:

A series of remarks addressing jobs, public education and justice will be delivered by uncommon pairings of people representing different views and communities but united by a common goal.”

The only common goal uniting Liberals is the destruction of Conservative values.

Even with paid and extorted union workers bused in, these miscreants couldn’t manage to gather enough people to equate to a local Tea Party, much less match any national event by the Tea Parties. Don’t believe me, just look at the polls.

Obama is at his lowest point, and even lower than Bush at this same point during the time of Bush II. Pollsters are discussing things like “Enthusiasm Gaps” and things that show that Conservatives are fired up and Democrats are demoralized. Demoralization is what happens when your ideas suck!  And Progressive ideas are anything but “progressive.”

Progressives have given us two years of a dictatorship with Obama, and even the “Guilters” are worn out. Many of them are saying privately, “This Negro we elected has gone crazy!”

I will admit that One Nation enjoyed a bit more success than the now defunct Coffee Party.  Coffee Party, “Rock the Vote,” Gen44, or One Nation, call it what you want, but paraphrasing Shakespeare,

A turd by another name, does it not smell like a turd?

The all-inclusive make-up of Progressives is according to this report:

Those gathered on the mall include the employed and unemployed, union workers and environmentalists, familiar civil rights leaders and unfamiliar faith leaders, veterans of war and veterans of the 1963 March on Washington, immigrants and Native Americans, peace leaders and student leaders, LGBT community and senior citizens as well as those from big cities and small towns — all who believe in the American Dream.”

No matter how the Progressive try to frame their membership, this event looked more like the cast of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, and yes I’m talking about the Zombies.

The moderators were DJ Reborn and Ed “I Make Monkeys Look Smart” Shultz—a DJ and a Liberal hack they call a TV personality.

Speakers were such notables as Richard Trumka, President of AFL-CIO, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Tom Joyner, and Harry Belafonte! This group alone represents all that is wrong with America: Unions, two race-baitors, complicit black media personality, and entertainment (term used loosely on Belafonte) wack jobs!

Do I need to tell you that Van “Black is the new Green” Jones was a featured speaker on the program?!  Jones believes in the American Dream as much as Ahmedinejad!

There were no true Americans at that “non-event,” just a bunch of whining knuckleheads Leftist, who realize that they are destined to live the remainder of their lives underground, courtesy of the Tea Party movement. Liberals may be bought off with beads and trinkets, but Conservatives will accept no bribes.

Here’s the wrap:

I know I speak for many real patriots and true Americans who witnessed the buffoonery of One Nation, as I thought to myself, “When will these fools be made to feel what Conservatives have been feeling for decades?” That feeling is oppression!

For the foreseeable future, we need to make sure that the narrative of the Left is ridiculed so much, that they DARE not discuss their ideology on the job or publicly in any way. These trolls must fear losing their jobs, their friends, even their families for even looking like they are thinking in public.

And trolls they are.  These malcontents left trash all over America after Obama’s inauguration, and again for the One Nation farce. Who lives like this?  Who treats something you supposedly love and respect like this?  Then they attempt to demonize those of us who dare treat America with the admiration she deserves!

There are those who will say that we should not rub in this imminent ass whooping in November, but they would be wrong. We must impose our will over the next decades, if we are to stomp this Progressive movement back to the hell that birthed it.

One Nation was a glimpse into our future, if we fail in November. Do we honor the Statue of Liberty or the Statue of Slavery.

That’s my rant!

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