Why Liberals Hate Whitman…and other Conservatives

As the old Smith-Barney commercials would have said of Meg Whitman, “Whitman made her money the old-fashioned way…she EAAAARNED it!”

And earned it Whitman did, amassing a fortune-estimated at $1.3B—from her stint helping to build e-Bay. Whitman has spent more than $119M in her pursuit of the governorship of CA, which could be interpreted as her buying the office. But then again, when you have Whitman’s kind of coin, what’s $119M in pursuit of a dream?

Whitman’s challenger, Jerry “I’m a Man, Damnit” Brown has decided that at age 72, his time is NOW! I’m not sure what old, white Democrats see in dying in office, but Brown is hell bent to find out!

The best way to win as a Democrat? Attack a more qualified opponent. Brown and his Democrat henchmen are attempting to pummel Meg Whitman for being…a successful woman! Successful women have nannies. The really successful ones have nanny problems! In the case of Whitman, the Democrats must create nothing from nothing—right up Brown’s and the Democrat’s alley.

Has anybody bothered to ask Brown what his stance on illegal immigration is? Is the pot-smoking free-love generation Brown really ready to go against the Democrats’ ploy to add 20M illegal voters to their voter rolls?

Jerry Brown might actually be against illegal immigration. Given his attack on Whitman, and the fact that at one point in his life he became an Independent, and moved more towards the center it is said, it’s certainly a possibility.  But don’t expect that question to get asked of Brown.

Brown has since re-registered as a Democrat, showing that backbone made of Jell-O that his generation engendered and nurtured. I suggest that he did it for political expediency, but why try to get inside the head of a ‘60’s hippy. There are some places even I won’t go.

Brown’s biggest accomplishment representing CA in his various roles:  Dating Linda Ronstadt. Who? Exactly!

72 year old “Moonbeam”—A nickname given to Brown by Linda Ronstadt—can’t outshine a candle, yet he is CA Democrat’s new “Barack Obama.” Like Obama, Brown has done absolutely nothing for the state of California in roles as Secretary of State, LA County Board of Trustees, Chairman of the CA Democratic Party, Mayor of Oakland, and Attorney General.

Brown is a revival of the old ‘60’s California coming-of-age hippy who just won’t go away—at least not he has made sure that California has gone away. While Whitman was building a company and creating jobs, Brown was somewhere chewing ‘shrooms, remembering Woodstock, and being a career politician.

Does anybody believe that if Whitman were running as a Democrat, she’d be anything but their poster child for the Women’s Movement?  When it comes to acceptance by white Liberal women, Whitman is right color, right pedigree, wrong party. “Can I get an Amen with a Condoleeza Hallelujah!”

What really pisses off Liberals is that Whitman, a self-made billionaire chose to be a Republican.  Whitman is supposed to be a Liberal and take the “Hillary Strategy” of riding the coattails of her husband. Whitman needed to help build the man that her husband would become—be the woman behind the man. Then and only then should walk in the path of her husband, once she had “made her man what he is.”

Sprinkle in a little infidelity with a chubby intern, and VOILA, you get a career built from nothing, and become the idol of Liberal women all over America.

Had Whitman followed the Hillary Strategy, America would have Meg Whitman-Harsh! Then meet Meg Harsh.

Whitman’s implementation of the Hillary Strategy would likely have ended at the name change, and not continued with Whitman following in the footsteps of her husband. Because unlike Hillary’s ability to follow her husband, Meg can’t perform neurosurgery, like her neurosurgeon husband Griffith Harsh IV.  America should thank God that Hillary Clinton is not Hillary Rodham-Harsh, or we might have lots of Americans walking around with botched brain surgeries!

By not riding her husband’s coattails, Whitman was called a “whore” by a Jerry Brown staffer. Whitman is a whore in Liberal’s opinion for daring to be a Republican WOMAN running for GOVERNOR…against HIM! After 72 years, it is finally Jerry’s time to shine. And he’s not about to let some WOMAN take it! 72 years and Moonbeam is still…evolving, man!

Here’s the wrap:

There is a revolution afoot. Conservatives have strong women running in the Republican Party, and these women are not figureheads like Geraldine Ferraro. Nor are Republican women political hacks and ginned up frauds like Hillary Clinton, whose resume reads like that of a 3rd-grader’s in comparison to women like Condoleeza Rice, Meg Whitman, or Michele Bachmann.

The highly qualified Republican women running all over the country scares the women of the Left and the Left in general, as they should. America will get to see the differences between Liberal and Conservative women front and center.

Michele Bachmann versus Nancy Pelosi. Michele Bachmann versus Maxine Waters.  Next thing you know, there will be qualified black Conservatives in office too!  The HORROR!

I can hear the ghost of LBJ saying, “You know when you get qualified Conservative women and Conservative Negroes in office, it will be Reconstruction all over again!”

That’s my rant!

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