America’s Genius

Let’s say that you truly find Obama the most dazzling president in history, are you still convinced that he is the best person to handle the imminent dangers America faces? Is Obama America’s James Bond?

Scenario:  North Korea has attacked a partner of the United States…Obama is awakened at 4A

Obama to a meeting that includes the Vice-President Joe Biden, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Security Advisor, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama:

“Let’s form a committee to investigate these actions. Schedule a meeting with this committee after my basketball game at 0700. I anticipate the need to form a few subcommittees to the original committee, so let’s plan on scheduling a meeting to discuss that after my golf game, at 1300.

Michelle Obama: “Barack, we really need to discuss our next vacation, so be sure to schedule that as a priority!”

Obama: So uh, we are…uh..set then.

With all the committee-forming, speechifying, and deliberation that Obama is known for, I can only imagine how vulnerable our allies must feel.

Iran, the country that Obama exclaimed, “They’re little” has essentially dared the United States to intervene in Iran’s “friendly” nuclear energy program.  A country whose leader has openly stated that he believes Israel should be obliterated from the face of the Earth, but we are to believe that they are building friendly, formerly super secret nuclear program that we know will be used against our ally.

Obama’s response…deliberate contemplation. I will say that Obama is very deliberate. Thoughtful in fact. Just don’t call him, if you’re in a fight!

A Chinese submarine launches a missile off the coast of CA, and all the Obama administration did was play cover up.

“Had this been a real missile alert…you would be DEAD! This has been an announcement from the Obama Security Agency.”

Obama has not made a single public mention of this event, or at least what he intends to do about it. Perhaps Obama consulted with Webster wordologists to provide him newer, harsher words?

The idea that we could allow a Chinese sub to sneak into our sovereign territory is one thing, but to have them fire off a missile is our territorial waters is the ultimate slap in the face.

Oh that!  That was just a ‘phantom airplane’—on a missile trajectory.

Who could blame the Chinese for warning us that they will crack our knees if we don’t start paying back the money we borrowed…with the vig!

But the Chinese haven’t stopped there. They recently redirected all internet traffic for 18 minutes to their servers. I’m not sure what devilishment one could cause in 18 minutes, but I’ve seen movies where somebody controlling things for only a few seconds can wreak havoc.

Could the Chinese have looked at all our military secrets during that 18 minutes? Perhaps tapped into America’s economic backbone? Maybe they are the sources of WikiLeaks? If we’re lucky, maybe we can get them to audit the Fed.

America’s lack of protection doesn’t end with the North Koreans, the Iranians, or the Chinese. We also have border issues.

The porosity of America’s borders make the Chinese missile launch look like a bottle rocket on the 4th of July.  Illegals are slipping in over land by the millions, as others travel underground.

Border patrol agents continue to find tunnels boring from Mexico to almost all border towns. These tunnels provide safe passage to smuggle drugs, illegal aliens, and terrorists into America, essentially unchallenged.  Some security strategist worry about more sinister cargo, like bio weapons, i.e. dirty bombs and diseases like virulent strains of small pox.

But the Obama administration’s brilliant move is to remove troops from the borders, sue states that try to protect their borders, and pass The Dream Act allowing illegal immigrants to gain citizenship. Al Qaeda’s response is to train Mexican drug cartels in how to escalate terrorism…in America.

America is already seeing the effects of illegals on our economy. Some of these people may come over with good intentions. But when you live in squalor as half the world does, and you find out what America awards you as an “entitlement,” you soon discover that there is no reason to actually work. Why contribute to America, when you can become a taker.

Here’s the wrap:

The world has essentially become a cesspool of bad James Bond villains, with more than one Dr. Evil. But don’t expect Obama to actually attack America’s enemies. That would require a backbone and Hillary’s “man parts!” The only attack from Obama will be on America.

Obama’s answer to all of this is to molest patriotic Americans every single day, and not just at airports. In Obama’s eyes, America is the culprit.  We are the cause for all these heinous things that are happening in the world. Blame the victim.

If only he had more time in office, Obama could solve all of this. Obama just needs the opportunity to explain himself, his plan for America.

Obama is certainly no James Bond. But for America, he may very well be Dr. Evil.

That’s my rant!

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