Chicago Gets New Crime Boss

The Chicago electorate has not evolved enough to elect a Conservative Republican, so let’s just face the fact that the new Chicago mob boss—the new mayor—will be yet another Democrat crook.  The only question is what will be the ethnicity of the new Chicago crime boss.

The Irish ran things long enough under Daley, and rumor is the new mayor must honor an agreement to not prosecute Daley for anything uncovered about his former criminal enterprise. Daley also made it difficult for any other Irish to win the mayorship.

The Jewish guy, Rahm Emanuel was hand-picked by the Obama, because this mayor position is not important in just Chicago politics, but for Democrat politics at the national level.

Amongst the many stalking horses, black Democrats have offered up a crook of their own, namely Carol Moseley Braun. Moseley-Braun is a former US Senator, first black female Senator, and as every website reminds: She later filed and won the first successful lawsuit against racial discrimination in reapportionment, the landmark Crosby v. State Board of Elections.

This case was about Democrats watering down the vote of blacks on the South Side of Chicago, which at the time was over 65% black. Thus the beef between the ethnicities. Chicago politics is Democrat v Democrat. In the Crosby v State Board of Elections, Moseley-Braun won, but black people still lost.

Truth be told, Moseley-Braun is really no different from Daley. She wants to invoke race politics, this time taking out the Irish and the Jews, and handing control over to the blacks…elite blacks.

If Brown were to get elected nothing would change for black people in Chicago. They would get “bragging rights” for a minute, but then it would be business as usual. What is business as usual?

First, throw a black Conservative under the bus in order to rise to prominence. So in a move that would make Anita Hill proud, Moseley-Braun became the first black female Senator on the coattails of Clarence Thomas.

Proving that black Democrat are most racist against black Conservatives, Moseley-Braun torpedoed her Democrat opponent for voting for Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. How could that white man possibly vote for a black Republican! Ironically, if her white male opponent had not voted for Thomas, he would have been declared racist!

Voila, Moseley-Braun is in as the first black female Senator in the history of the US, and the first to serve her full term.

Moseley-Braun didn’t get re-elected and later losing to a white Republican man, after serving one term in the Senate. For a black Democrat woman to lose to a white Republican man, in Illinois, well you know she had to really mess up. Business as usual.

Like Charlie Rangel, Moseley-Braun had “bookkeeping errors” in her campaign. She seems to have misplaced about $281K. If William Jefferson is any reminder, I suggest they check her freezer.

George Will reported in 1996 where they believe some of the funds went:

Kgosie Matthews, her former campaign manager and former fiance, may have diverted $281,000 in campaign contributions to personal consumption, such as (according to a WBBM-TV report in July) almost $70,000 on clothes, $64,000 on travel (Hawaii, Europe, Africa), $25,000 for two Jeeps, $12,000 for stereo equipment, $18,000 for jewelry (she and he spent almost $10,000 in cash at an Aspen jewelry store during a fund-raising trip).

This list of goodies sounds more like a shopping list for a rapper, than a Senator.

Moseley-Braun’s qualifications for the role of Chicago mayor were on display as Moseley-Braun got her friend Bill Clinton to task Janet Reno to keep the IRS at bay. In fact, the IRS never looked into this little indiscretion.

Around this time, Moseley-Braun had decided to take a personal trip to Nigeria in 1996, knowing that America had sanctioned Nigeria’s new “leader,” General Sani Abacha.

Against the decision of the Congressional Black Caucus, upon her return Moseley-Braun became an advocate for General Abacha in the US, saying that the Nigerian dictator was essentially a good murdering dictator. And then there were two good Nigerians, including Moseley-Braun’s own Nigerian fiancé, Matthews.

As it turns out, Matthews was a lobbyist for the Nigerian government, thus making it illegal for him to be on her staff. He left America owing a travel agency $250,000, but I’m sure he made up for it by allowing somebody to win a British lotto.

Now I realize that all this circumstantial evidence can be explained, just as Maxine Waters getting $12M of TARP funds earmarked to the bank on which her husband served on the board can be explained. Far be it for me to accuse Ms. Moseley-Braun of anything improper, because I don’t want to be labeled a racist, like that pesky George Will. Don’t let the truth obscure Will’s obvious racism.

As a member of the Illinois House, Moseley-Braun is recognized as a “champion for education, governmental reform, and civil rights.”

Chicago schools are amongst the worst in the country. Chicago politics are considered the most corrupt in the country. One trip through the South Side of Chicago—where a lot of black folks live—and you see why Bad Bad Leroy Brown “looked like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone.”

To be labeled a champion for education, governmental reform, and civil rights in Chicago is practically libelous!

Like all members of the Congressional Black Caucus, past and present, Moseley-Braun has for the most part spent their lives getting paid by the government. Moseley-Braun spent a few years as a prosecutor, and parlayed a short legal stint into lifelong political career, with a private stint here and there to feign real work. Thankfully this mayor position opened up, so she can get back into politics.

I wish Carol Moseley-Braun luck, nevertheless. Anybody would be a better mayor than the little Jewish ballerina. Regardless of who wins, Chicago will remain a great city who fleeces its visitors and residents alike…run by a Democrat mob.

That’s my rant!

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