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Don’t Go Soft on Racist Left

Though this election was a resounding defeat of white Liberals and the policies of Obama, members of the Congressional Black [Progressive and Socialist] Caucus went essentially unscathed.  Black people continued to support these government-funded extortionists, despite the destruction these black overseers have wreaked in black neighborhoods. Blacks seem annoyed at the idea that Obama lost ground in the last two years, and the Right is said to be taking the country back.

The Right would argue that they are taking the country back from the socialist policies that have weakened the country.  Back to the Constitution.

Blacks argue differently, saying that Conservatives want to take black people back to slavery. This may explain why black Democrats continue to allow ineffective and criminal leaders to be their caretakers.

One thing is for sure: Black Democrats love handouts.  They know that the Congressional Black Caucus will continue to fight for these handouts, which black Democrats now consider “entitlements.” Payback for slavery.

These days anything black Democrats want is considered an entitlement. Gucci purses, 60” flat screen TVs in their taxpayer-funded, government-gifted homes are all entitlements.

For black Democrats the government is supposed to provide food, shelter, clothing, cars (tricked out, of course), cable TV and PlayStations (the in-home babysitters), childcare, healthcare, and of course a check.

What the government does not have to provide to black Democrats are safe schools, crime-free neighborhoods, adequate education, or jobs. The government also doesn’t have to provide real hope. False hope is fine, however.

Thus you have the one stipulation black Democrat leaders impose on their minions, as it is mandated from the higher ups in the Democrat Party:  Ask for just enough to get by, but not enough to get over!

Black Democrats are socially conservative, but fiscally communist. That reliance on government has made black Democrats the weakest group of people in America, with no sense of pride. Black Democrat pride has been bought, not by the highest bidder, but by the only bidder—the Democrats.

Based on the results of this election, black Democrat politicians will operate “business as usual.” In fact, their intent is to double-down on their far Left agenda, evidenced by Keith Ellison’s bid to lead the Congressional  Progressive Caucus, a group that bragged that they only lost three congressional seats (of their 80 members) in the carnage of Eviction 2010.

Progressives are emboldened by their limited election losses, which is why Obama finds himself between a rock and a boulder. He knows that America has rejected his “Progressive” policies. Nevertheless, he must continue to push for “Progressive” policies, since that is what his most ardent supporters—blacks with their hands out—will demand.

Democrat centrist however will be shifting right, like a Tiger Woods slice. Most have already begun the dramatic move away from Obama’s policies, and Obama can expect more of the same over the next two years. Eventually Obama may be forced to abandon his base, though he will leave them kicking and screaming.

At that point, the question becomes, “Can Republicans seize on this opportunity and begin to shift black thought to empowerment?”  After all, Conservative values are the clear path to black empowerment.  Should be an easy sell, right?

I’m not sure that I believe Republicans have the answer or are really even willing to try to reach the black vote. There are those who say, the Republicans really don’t need the black vote, if we can resonate with the rest of America. Like Reagan did.

Have you seen anybody close to Reagan in the Republican ranks?

When Republicans win, they feel the cancer of Liberalism is in remission. In 2008 that cancer came out of remission and infected other cells. Those cells formed into a guy who occupies the oval office, a guy who had no business considering leading this great country.

Republicans seem to expect black Democrats to “get it,” as if there are not years of indoctrination to overcome in the black community. As if blacks will suddenly slap the hand that feeds them. Black Democrats often ask, “What has a Republican done for me?” Republicans should fire back, “What have Democrats done to you?”

Unfortunately this election did nothing to change that thinking within the black community, and likely just reinforced the Liberal narrative that white Republican rejected Obama…because he is black.  The rejection of Obama could not possibly have anything to do with rising unemployment due to his policies that have demonstratively continued to plaque the black community, and America at large.

I heard one radio show host ask Conservatives not to say, “We are taking the country back,” as it could lead to racial tension. Well I say we are taking the country back, and I don’t care who gets offended.

I hope we go back to the 1950’s when blacks were considered the most honest, honorable, hard-working people in America. I want to go back to the time, when the black family was the symbol of all America—functional, though not without its problems.

That family raised its children and didn’t allow the media or any other outside influences to raise them. They ate as a family, and stressed character and education. They were accountable to each other, and to the communities in which they lived.

Take this country back! Don’t allow the fraudulent specter of racism to make Conservatives act like losers. Moreso start confronting the racism that exists on the Left.

Here’s the wrap:

Liberal black leaders condone absentee “baby daddies” and single mothers, and black minions obliged them with their vote. All because they are black. They are racists, pure and simple. Tell them that!

I don’t care if black Democrats finally stop supporting the crooks that represent them, though I certainly hope they will.  I just care that the rest of America stops enabling black Democrats’ victim mentality, and force the same level of American exceptionalism in the black community that we expect others.

I long for the day, when the mention of something black makes one think of greatness, not inferiority. Let’s take the country back to that!

That’s my rant!

Kevin Jackson is a national speaker, a Fellow at The Dole Institute, author of the Amazon best-selling book The BIG Black Lie and The Black Sphere blog. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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