How to Lose Friends and Influence Nobody

Hermene Hartman of the Huffington Post wrote a column titled, “The Barack Magic is Over and the White House is out of Touch.” This might be true, if there had been real magic to begin with.

Barack Obama is an amateur act at best, because he fooled nobody on the Right. We all saw the levitation wires and the “something up his sleeve.”

Check out this excuse that Hartman gives, however for let down of the Left:

the handlers have been successful in turning the first Black president of the United States into a White, male, elitist.

Holy David Copperfield; I thought he was only half white!

Blame whatever side of his ethnicity you want, Obama has always thought of himself as an elitist. How else do you get elected to Harvard Law Review not based on being the best, but because Harvard wanted a “first” black president of Law Review. There was Obama’s problem of those pesky grades; but for our elitist first black president, let’s just seal those rotten grades. He’s so articulate and clean.

Obama’s elite status also got him a residence in a posh area of Chicago, due to shady “insider” land deal.  Michelle got a cushy six-figure “do nothing, except run bureaucratic interference” job on the board of a hospital due to Barack’s elitist status as a Senator.  How many of us can get our significant others a $300K+ job to do nothing? Ok a $20K job to do nothing?

Obama’s daughters attend a haughty private school in DC, while regular folks deal with the pathetic public schools…and Obama acknowledges it! Where do your kids go to school?

But if those examples don’t convince you that Obama is an elitist, recall that he told America that he was not qualified to be president…he ran for the office anyway! Can you get and keep a job knowing that you are unqualified? [Obama’s inner elitist monologue: Even an unqualified elitist is better than anybody else!]

Hartman goes on to say that Obama’s pre-election ability to touch the common man is now lost. That’s funny and delusional.

Obama never had any connection with the common man. Obama is the last person the common man would call to go fishing or to help him move. How many of us can relate to being raised in Hawaii, going to Ivy League schools, and traveling to Indonesia and Pakistan during school break?

You can’t just roll up your sleeves and talk in nebulous terms and think that will resonate forever. Eventually even the common man wants to see something tangible accomplished; something that affects him…positively.

Syndicated columnist Roland Martin, writes in a CNN article, that for things to get better for Obama, he must make amends to his friends. To do that, Obama must stop the bus and scrape the undercarriage.

Obama has no real friends. The quintessential poster child for a schizophrenic third-world leader is a Leftist ideologue Dr. Jekyll with a Hyde chaser.

He wants a weakened military, yet a bureaucrat-heavy equivalent civilian “farce.” He wanted no war(s), yet we are still in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is slowly realizing that there is a War on Terror, so he rescinded not calling terrorists “terrorists,” but he now wants to try a terrorist mastermind in court, giving the terrorist all the rights of a US citizen.

Obama encouraged the potential building of a mosque near the tomb of 3000 Americans, and called the country that has 1000s of shrines to Islam, intolerant to the religion.

Talk about a guy who is a season of SNL skits!

Exactly what friends does the Left believe Obama possesses? Let see Chavez, Castro, Ahmedinejad, black people?

Radical world leaders can’t vote in America’s elections (yet!), and the black vote by itself wins nothing. It is the middle of the road voter—the chumps who can’t pick a side—are the “friends” who have abandoned Obama. This includes MANY blacks.

Next Martin blames Obama for not using religious leaders, saying here:

But in the wake of the midterm election, religious leaders have been particularly upset with the president’s faith-based initiative. It has clearly not been as public as under former President George W. Bush, and some say that played a role in Democrats’ losing significant portions of the Catholic vote this year. The White House responds with a litany of things they’ve done in the area, but are those visible and known to those pastors who talk to thousands of congregants each week?

For Martin, separation of church and state be damned. It appears that the Left now wants to embrace all us Conservatives clinging to our guns and religion.

Obama might be able to garner support from religious leaders, if he (a) went to church every now and then, instead of playing basketball or golfing on Sundays, or (b) Obama did anything that remotely resembled supporting Christian religious dogma.

Here’s the wrap:

The post-mortem of the election is still underway, and questions will be asked by Liberals for some time. They just can’t figure out what’s not to like about Obama.

The Left is desperate to understand what the problem is, but they don’t want to admit that the problem is their candidate—his policies to be more specific.

Blame black pastors, black people, anybody but Obama.

Obama has done what all other Democrats have done with black people—take them for granted. The trick was getting the people who voted for him to believe that he cares.

The Obama magic is gone, because it never existed in the first place.  If Obama possessed any magic, why not make racism disappear. He didn’t.

If Obama was magical, why not make the hatred of America disappear? He couldn’t.

Obama has given a clinic in how to lose friends and influence nobody. And that’s why in 2012, American voters will prove where the real magic is, as we are going to make him and more of his Democrat “friends” disappear.

That’s my rant!

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