Meek Sent to Back of Bus by Clinton

Meek sent to back of bus by Bill Clinton, by Kevin Jackson

The Democrats’ ability to showcase their racism against blacks and other minorities, and the media’s ability to overlook that racism continues to astound me. I am speaking of Bill Clinton’s back room deal to get the Democrat Senate nominee, Kendrick Meek—a black man—to drop out of the race in favor of Charlie Crist—a white man!

When you consider that Crist is a former Republican, it only makes the story more tantalizing. Why would Clinton select a former Republican-turned-Independent over the black candidate who WON the Democrat primary?! After all, the Democrats are the party of Civil Rights, right?!

Clinton is willing to toss the black man under the bus, in order to defeat…a Latino! I bet you won’t hear it explained this way on Telemundo!

Clinton apparently doesn’t want blacks OR Latinos to become Senators! Put another way: The Senate is off limits for blacks and other minorities. Allow me to expose Democrat Dirty Secret #113 (DDS-113): Minorities are relegated to only House seats in Congress. Democrats reserve the Senate seats for the melanin-challenged, which included half-white Barack Obama., who passed both the “color test,” as Reid explained, and Obama was also, “articulate and clean,” as explained by the nation’s first black Vice President.

As for the Senate invoking DDS-113, don’t believe me, just ask full-black Roland Burris.

Upon Burris’ appointment as Senator by the Democrat bad boy Blago, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Dick Durbin immediately held court with Burris in a “private meeting.” In that meeting, Burris was encouraged not to run when his term expired. Here history goes…repeating…and repeating again.

As I have said, Democrats like their Senate like they like their milk…white!

Burris “acted out” at first, saying he would run again; however eventually he did as he was told by his Democrat Masters. And black Democrats have the nerve to call black Conservatives the sellouts!

Reid and Durbin said that the meeting had nothing to do with race, which of course is Democrat-speak for “It was totally about race, but we just can’t say that!”

In 2010, while the Democrats are actually DISCOURAGING black candidates from politics, Republicans—the real party of Civil Rights—are ushering in what can only be described as a Republican Renaissance!

There are 15 black Republicans running for the house, 18 Latino candidates running for the House and Senate, 4 Asians running on the Republican ticket, and multiple women running for the House, Senate and gubernatorial roles.

Speaking of governors, Republicans can boast to having Nikki Haley as the first minority woman to receive a major party endorsement for governor. And it looks like she will win!

Democrats don’t allow black governors, for the most part. Democrats believe that’s just too much power for a minority to have. I know there is Deval Patrick; but he is governor of Massachussetts, where they love their tokens, be they gay, black, or a murdering Senator!

In the real world of Democrat state politics for minorities however, blacks can only be House Negros or mayors. Black Democrats are often put in charge of large population centers where blacks are disproportionately large in population, like Detroit or Philadelphia. You don’t have to be a fortune-teller to know the fate of these cities, and the fate of the denizens therein. The non-blacks will leave, and the black Democrat politicians will run it…into the ground. Meanwhile, the suburbs will thrive, encircling what can only be described as a war zone formerly known as a city.

And all this will be done with the explicit knowledge of the Congressional Black Caucus.

What Democrats don’t like to discuss is the fact that Democrat mayors, black and white are in cahoots with the Congressional Black Caucus. 37 of their 39 members of the Congressional Black Caucus hold dominion over “black” neighborhoods in these large cities! Black people managing black people…for Democrat votes!

What the demography of the Democrats proves is Democrats don’t like when politicians mixing races. Rarely will you find minority Democrats legislating “outside their color.” Black candidates can control black neighborhoods, and Latinos can do the same. This is how things work in the color-obsessed world of Liberal Democrats.

Here’s the wrap:

So Clinton’s “private meeting” with his “friend” Meek is just more Democrats ‘par for the course’, and another example of the racist Democrat policies that put the white guy over the black guy. But the lamestream media will refuse to question this; they refuse to see the logic of Democrats relegating the roles of blacks as I earlier described. They don’t want to recognize the truth.

And neither does the NAACP or the Congressional Black Caucus. Can these two black-obsessed groups not comprehend what is happening here? Will the real first black president, Bill Clinton get a pass because he can play the sax (poorly), and has a penchant for the chubby white girls?

Will anybody have the guts to ask Bill why he didn’t ask Crist to step down? That’s what Republicans would have done!

That’s my rant!

(c) 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

Kevin Jackson wrote the Amazon best-selling book The BIG Black Lie, and appears on Fox News radio, as well as being a guest on The O’Reilly Factor, The Glenn Beck Show, and Cavuto. He is author of The Black Sphere blog, and contributor to various Conservative periodicals. Find Kevin on Twitter at “theblacksphere” and Facebook as “the blacksphere”.

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