No Losers for Democrats?

I had to laugh at the newly created position by Nancy Pelosi for Jim Clyburn (D-SC), the black candidate who essentially got a token position of “leadership” within the Democrat Party. All Clyburn had to do to get his token was not challenge Steny Hoyer, a white Democrat. With Democrats, there are no losers, right?

For the black man not rocking the boat, Pelosi and other real Democrat leaders threw Clyburn a bone—right through his nose. The good news is that bone matches Clyburn’s well-worn leash.

In making a play to get more clout within the Democrat Party, Clyburn warned [emphasis added]:

To me, the best way to resolve this issue, maintain diversity in the leadership and cohesion in our caucus is to pull up another chair to the leadership table with a substantive, well-defined portfolio that will contribute in a meaningful way to our important work and to regaining the majority

Democrats are all about diversity, so they can regain the majority. Diversity looks nicely on their resumes, though they don’t practice it “for reals” as this token gesture indicates.  The simple truth is that both Pelosi and Obama are in dire need of black support in order to regain the majority. They must have the black vote, because the rest of their support has eroded away like James Carville’s hairline.

This new token role actually makes it easier for Pelosi. Instead of having to deal with 40 Democrat blacks, she only has to whip one, Clyburn.

In his new “leadership” role, Clyburn’s job is to reign over the Congressional Black Caucus; provide marching orders, as sent down by Queen Nancy. The members of the CBC will then be dispatched to spread the talking points amongst the black communities that each serves.  Clyburn’s task is very simple:  Like Gerry Hudson, Executive VP of SEIU does with his blacks…Keep your black folks in check. And as we all know, black Democrats will follow black leaders, even if led off a cliff.

But it won’t be enough for Clyburn to “own” blacks.  That’s already been accomplished by the Democrats. Clyburn’s job is to make sure that black people do what they are paid to do. Vote DEMOCRAT on demand!

There is plenty of time for black people to sit on their butts during the “off season.” But when it’s election time, the buses will be at the projects, at black churches, and anywhere black people frequent, and black butts will be in the seats, or Jim Clyburn’s name is not Uncle Jim.

Democrats saw what happened when blacks are not energized.  It was worth the few bribes and kickbacks that are sure to be funneled Clyburn’s way—but he’d better deliver.

All this, and Clyburn really doesn’t have any real power, as the article points out:

Though Clyburn would be ranked No. 3 under Pelosi’s plan, the existing assistant-to-the-leader position is not considered part of the elected leadership hierarchy, as the Democratic leader has effectively had sole authority to appoint its occupant.

Here’s the wrap:

Clyburn won’t be successful.  Obama won’t be able to save him, and in fact will be a hindrance.

Chairman of the CBC Barbara Lee, the black woman who was overlooked for the position of 3rd won’t save him either.  Lee is said to be “reserving judgment on the proposal until its meeting Monday, though initial reaction was positive.”

What’s to reserve judgment on? Clyburn got called up to the Majors and Lee is left in the Negro League. It’s that simple.

But Clyburn is certainly no Jackie Robinson, more like Roscoe Robinson. So don’t expect anything big to happen with the Dems offering this token position of “leadership.”

The lamestream media won’t tell you how racist this move is by the Democrats.

Steny Hoyer will get a statue in a park in a black neighborhood. Clyburn will get a Nobel Peace Prize, and donate the $1M to Pelosi’s campaign. Nancy Pelosi will receive an NAACP Image Award. Black people will continue to get what they’ve been getting.

See, with Democrats, everybody wins!

That’s my rant!

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