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Marc Lamont Hill is the latest in a long line of poster children for the intolerant Left. In a gaffe that may get the intolerance monkey off Harry Reid’s back, Hill declared that Chris Christie could not be president…because he is “too fat!” The group who doesn’t want profiling explains how they—the Left—profile their potential politicians: Based on LOOKS!

Hill did provide clarification to his statement that Christie was too fat, adding, “for a politician.”

I’m not an associate professor at Columbia, but isn’t a governor a politician? I guess New Jerseyans overlooked Christie’s girth, when electing him governor.

One thing is for sure; Christie may not be too fat to be a Columbia associate professor, but he’s definitely too smart.

Since when do politicians need the body of a Chippendale dancer to get elected?

Aside from Hill’s obvious stupidity on what constitutes being a politician and his disdain for those who enjoy super-sizing their meals, I believe there may be more to this. Hill has inadvertently exposed the Leftist political caste system; an invisible ceiling for chubbies? Are chubbies really not allowed to ascend to the ultimate political throne, to be leaders of the free world because of their weight?

This wouldn’t be the first time Democrats imposed glass ceilings.  Case in point:  Three recent full black presidential candidates.

Alan Keyes may be a handsome man, but he is decidedly darker than Barack Obama. I have said it before, but if Barack Obama switched bodies with Alan Keyes, Barack would not be president today. For the “Harry Reid bunch,” Keyes is simply too “dark-skinned” to be president.

It doesn’t end there, however.

If Barack Obama talked like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, he would not be president. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why neither of those two presidential candidates ever made it to the Oval Office, but the “light-skin with no Negro dialect” did?

Both Sharpton and Jackson were given “token” votes, but neither ever had a real chance at being president, at least not of the United States. Jackson talks like he has marbles in his mouth, and is in no way “articulate.” I don’t suspect that the Left finds either of them necessarily clean.

I do suspect that both Jackson and Sharpton are capable of getting Bill Clinton coffee, particularly if Clinton attended their black churches…during a campaign, of course.  Because Clinton wouldn’t be caught dead in a black church unless there is something to be gained politically.

Howard Dean alluded that Jackson or Sharpton could be part of the “wait staff,” but only if Joe Biden is allowed to lecture them on the safety of wearing condoms, so black people could quit spreading AIDS.

If you are a certain “type” of black, Liberals have specific roles for you.  House Negroes. Like the 41 members of the House who form the Congressional Black Caucus of 2010. For Liberals, dark, inarticulate blacks can only be House members, but not Senate members. Dark inarticulate blacks are too uncouth, too “unclean.”

When Burris was carried across the color line in the Senate by Blago, Reid made sure that Burris would not run again. I suspect Burris had other physical issues that didn’t cotton well with Reid and other Democrat Liberals.  Burris is a funny-looking little man, with a tendency to talk in a rambling version of the Negro dialect.

As for Christy, he apparently earned the scorn of Hill and other Lefty chubby haters by simply being qualified and effective. Lefties prefer ignorant, do-nothing leaders, regardless of color. You must believe in things like global climate change and welfare as stimulus. Be as looney as you’d like, just don’t be fat!

Here’s the wrap:

The Lefties would like to tell us who is fit to lead the nation, pardon the pun. If you don’t look the part, how could you possibly be effective? A skinny leader, even if he has no experience will always outperform a chubby one with a proven track record. That’s just Liberal physics!

The Left’s “stylish” leader certainly cost them the most recent election. James Carville said in his last book that Republicans would be wandering in the wilderness for 40 years; the Republican Party was doomed. The Left had found their skinny messiah, and he had insured Democrat victories for decades. Eviction 2010 proved otherwise.

Lefty logic notwithstanding, the Right sees Christie for who he is:  An effective, no-nonsense leader.  That’s all the Right requires.  We don’t need a leader for “show.”

I suspect that Christie only needs to become a Democrat in order for his chubbiness not to matter?


When it comes to passing the physical tests for the Left, it’s style over substance every time. Just like with Columbia associate professor Marc Lamont Hill—Liberal hip-hop hack. But at least he’s not fat!

That’s my rant!

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