Ronald Reagan Reprise

The Ghost of Ronald Reagan, by Kevin Jackson

The Republican Renaissance has begun.  Talk about trumping the “history” that was made by the election of a half-black president. I will see your half-black president, and raise you the ghost of Ronald Reagan!

November 2, 2010 was R-Day for the Democrats. Real history and just as symbolic as D-Day was for America during World War II or what Republicans considered “D-Day Reprise” only two excruciatingly long years ago. This time however, it was the Republicans who stormed the beaches…of America.  From sea to shining sea.

America has the Second Greatest Generation to thank for repelling the socialist agenda of the Obama regime, and resetting the course of American history back to the course of greatness!

The socialist and so-called Progressives received what is an old-fashioned “country” whoopin’, and the country that put it on them was America. Eviction 2010 was more than just a whoopin’, and was in fact many things.

First, this win by Republicans is vindication of the Tea Party movement, a movement that the White House ignored, then ridiculed and attempted to demonize, not just the movement but its people too. Against the might of the Fed, the corrupt Unions, and the Congressional Black Caucus, the Tea Party movement proved its mettle and its sustainability.

Next, the Tea Party got many candidates elected, despite many candidates running horrendous campaigns.. Sure there are notable exceptions, but their losses don’t negate the wins, which was based on the momentum of the movement in large part.

And those who lost are not really losers in the classic sense.  How many losers do you remember in politics?  But you will remember Christine O’Donnell for some time to come.  She may be the next Sarah Palin.  Star Parker, Sharron Angle, Carly Fiorina all enhanced their voices in American politics, and will undoubtedly be saying soon, “I told you so!”

Many more Tea Party candidates are now relevant, because they have the backing of the people, like Maximus achieved in Gladiator. Are you not entertained?!

Only the next time around, the Tea Party-supported candidates will have their battle scars. They are now veterans and will have the funding and must more seasoned teams next go-round.  More importantly, they will still have the will of the people. That makes these candidates the deadliest candidates for the Left or any other foe.

This election also marked the worst denigration of the presidency in modern history. How desperate must a president be to interview with Ryan Seacrest?

Obama also taped public service announcement to be played mainly on black radio stations.  I fully expected Obama to drop a rap video, as his pandering to blacks in the last days of the campaign left me speechless!

Obama actually referred to the Right as “enemies,” something he doesn’t have the guts to call terrorists. But I’m not outraged that Obama called us his enemies; I’m outraged that up to this election, we hadn’t treated him like one.

Obama and the Left should burn Rules for Radicals. We’ve all read it now, and in fact, we’ve enhanced it. The only bullet left in that gun is a dud. America won’t allow “race” politics anymore. Lots of color has been added to the House and the Senate with the election of black Republicans Tim Scott and Allen West, and manyLatinos, led by Senator-elect Marco Rubio.

These great Conservative Republicans will offer a very different view than the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Hispanic Caucus. The Left has a tough hill to climb if they plan on using racism as their tool going forward. This election leaves the Left naked, left only to their empty minds.

Republicans got a reprieve. However, they need to chart a course that reduces the size of government, and makes government accountable, or they will find themselves standing before the man. No more bailouts, back room deals, or hidden agendas. Most importantly, Republicans must follow the Constitution.

In the end, new grass has been planted all over America. It is a hearty fescue that grows all year long and remains green in all conditions. The grass roots have spoken! The Liberals didn’t hear us, and will rely on our previous history of short-term memories.  Surprise!

To paraphrase Obama, “We won!” Battle lines have been drawn, and we will continue to draw more. We won’t allow Republicans to fight as they have in the past, which is like sissies. There was already evidence of it, when Boehner spoke after the beatdown, as he asked for us not to gloat.

Whatever. Gloat to your heart’s content.

Go talk trash at the water coolers at your offices the same way the Left did, when Obama was selected. Tear down the goal post, cut down the net, throw your headband into the audience, take a victory lap.  Stand at home plate and stare as the ball sails over the wall then out of the park.  You DESERVE it! That’s what winners do.

This is our time to remind the Left that they got the car out of the ditch, only to drive it off the cliff. So no more car for them. The ghost of Ronald Reagan will do the driving for a while!

That’s my rant!

(c) Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

Kevin Jackson is a nationally known speaker, the author of the Amazon best-selling book, The BIG Black Lie, and The Black Sphere blog. Follow Kevin on Twitter and Facebook.

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