Fat – The New N Word

Recently Marc Lamont Hill implied that fat kids can’t become president, and now we have Michelle Obama who wants the government to take control of fat kids’ diets.[i] Are fat kids becoming the new Gen-N?

I made this point a while back, but fat kids get fat when they have too much to eat. Anybody over thirty can recall the commercials featuring Africa’s poor children, their distended fat bellies, barely standing on those very skinny legs. Those African kids suffering from malnutrition had flies circling all around their heads, but were too weak to even swat them away. It wasted too many calories to try.

America’s obese kids actually have too much food, but don’t expect Michelle Obama to cut back– that would be too obvious a solution. All America’s fat kids need is: “Change in a diet they can believe in.”

That change needs to come quickly too, as there is a crisis. Fat kids are a threat to national security. Who knew? Here I thought it was terrorists, America’s national debt, and Liberals who were the threats to national security.

Michelle Obama quotes military leaders in informing us that one out of four of our nation’s young people would be unqualified to serve in the military, because of their weight.  I didn’t attend Princeton, but I have surmised that four out of four of our fat kids would not be able to serve, because they are too young.

Is it a sign of desperation that Michelle Obama is using the military to sell the idea that government should regulate what our kids eat? This is proof that Liberals can’t sell this idea even to their own. So Michelle Obama is trying to punk the Conservatives by saying, even the military agrees with this absolutely ridiculous idea.

It is mainly Liberal parents who can’t or won’t care for their kids, but we must all suffer.

I have a suggestion: Put parents of obese kids in jail, but they get 90 days to get ‘Junior off his video playing, Dorito-eating lazy butt!” I bet you’d see parents interacting with their kids then. My idea involves parent-child interaction, unlike Michelle Obama’s idea for more government control and a money-grab.

Michelle Obama’s solution is not about the kids, it’s about government control. The kids are just the start. Liberals begin with childhood obesity, but they are coming for adulthood obesity next. Fat kids may be dangerous to national security, but fat adults are dangerous to Liberals.

Liberals like a “pretty” Utopia where fat people don’t exist. Look at who’s in the media, movies, television, and marketing. Liberals set the agenda for what is beautiful or healthy in America, despite the fact that skinny people die at the same ratio as fat people…100%.

Michelle Obama’s vision for America sounds suspiciously like discrimination against the chubbies, if you ask me. It is also reminiscent of Hitlerian politics, in that she has a vision for a thin America. No blonde hair, blue eyes in Michelle Obama’s vision.

We are all born with a “due date,” ordained by God. And no matter what the government or anybody else does, one’s date with destiny is set. You can affect the quality of your life, but that should be how you define it, not the government.

I know many fat kids who have grown up to be skinny kids. One of my fat childhood friends grew up to become an Army Ranger. Fat kids grow up to become professional football players, titans of industry, even governors of New Jersey.

If somebody enjoys food, then let them enjoy it. What’s wrong with junk food, if that floats your boat? Who is the government to tell you that you must eat salads, tofu, or whatever.

Here is a statistic from the military that may interest you:  One hundred percent of skinny half-black presidents are unfit to serve in the US military. Now there’s a true national security threat!

Having been a track athlete back in the day and martial artist for almost forty years, I’m all for healthful living. But can you imagine how things would be if the government regulates our food. I suspect it might be like the postal service, where we will have to skip meals a day or two during the week.

Further, I live in America, because I want personal choice. Understanding the background of discrimination, I don’t think the government should be singling out any group for experimentation. They have tried this with black people and the results are dismal.

So what if fat kids can’t lose weight, does the government take them from the parents? And if the kids are under government supervision and can’t lose weight, how about we just shoot them?

I guess for now all the government will do is single them out, persecute them so they develop issues about their weight at an early age. Forget that most fat kids grow up and lose weight, and just become regular adults.  It doesn’t matter, because “fat” is now the new N-word.

That’s my rant!

© 2010 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved.

[i] http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1210/46303.html#ixzz18CorFA5g

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