The UnArt of Compromise

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Republicans are strutting around the barnyard like the cock of the walk. They made Obama extend the Bush tax cuts, and only gave another 13 months of unemployment insurance to millions of Americans. Bravo for the Republicans…for being played.

Don’t believe the hype that the Liberals are up in arms about this deal. A few are, but the real puppet masters got exactly what they wanted.

13 months is 56 weeks. Does anybody even remember that unemployment was originally 26 weeks?

At 99 weeks we were at almost four times the original duration of unemployment, now we’ve added 56 weeks, more than double that original amount. Don’t think that unemployment benefits will be reduced…EVER!

Unemployment benefits are just redistribution of wealth.  The Liberals got another inch, and are still working towards that mile. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself this question:  Has there been any discussion of a limit on unemployment benefits?

The fact is there is no limit on unemployment for Liberals. Keep in mind this is the group who votes themselves fat pensions that pay them for LIFE. Government workers and unions, getting paid to do nothing with no reduction in lifestyle. These benefits are a payoff to the poor to keep voting Democrat, because the Republicans won’t allow you to get free money.

What did the Republicans get? They got what they already had!

As usual the Republicans missed an opportunity to step on Obama’s skinny neck, and brightly illuminate the reason for the need to extend unemployment for two Christmases:  Obama’s policies can’t create jobs. In fact, Obama’s policies kill jobs!

Obama promised 4.1M jobs, when he was running, yet there is no mention of this. He then promised to create 95K new jobs every month this year, yet he’s done bupkus!

But instead of reminding Americans about Obama’s inability to accomplish anything, and his complete incompetence, the Republicans cave on unemployment.  The millions of people whose unemployment was to be cut off needed to be reminded of Obama’s incompetence, and not sold on the idea that Republicans are heartless. Republicans are job creators. The tax cuts are a PROVEN way to create jobs and help the economy.

However, this Republican move is strictly symbolic. Strategy 101. Business as usual for a group that still hasn’t learned how to fight.

A two-year extension of the Bush tax cuts is a reprieve, a stay of execution and not a pardon. Businesses will see this as two-years to batten down the hatches, not to invest.  After all, there is a socialist in the White House, and the way the Republicans fight, he might be there four more years.

Since nobody else seems willing to say this I will. When did the rich stop being Americans? Do they have rights or are they to be bandied about like a ping pong ball for political expediency.

There is nothing wrong with being rich.

Most kids I know aspire to be this, so do you hate KIDS?! Most poor people I know want to be some version of “rich,” do you hate poor people? It’s counter-intuitive to hate the rich, because most of us strive to be rich. Why does the government want us to hate our potential selves?

And when discussing “those who make over $250K,” Democrats are quick to discuss “millionaires.” Well making $250K does not make you a millionaire. And even if it did, who is the government to put a limit on your productivity, your aspirations and dreams?

Claire McCaskill said on Fox News today,  [pp] “…the millionaires ‘second million’ should be taxed heavier.” Why? Because in order to be a millionaire, you must be evil, right?

Here’s the wrap:

Letting the Republicans represent taxpaying Americans is like having a pedophile watch your kids.

The Republicans should have forced Obama to let the Bush tax cuts expire, thus increasing taxes on everybody.  The unemployed would have had to deal with their lack of funds and lack of jobs, and they would know exactly where to put the blame. But the Republicans were afraid of being demonized, and supporting the rich.

The rich deserve to be supported. Outside of government jobs, it is the rich who employ people—and the government. It is time that Republicans stop allowing rich to be treated as second-class citizens. But they won’t.

So Obama is Santa Clause for the next two years.  He is funding reparations to the poor, payoffs for the remainder of his campaign season!

Most of the unemployed now qualify to be wards of the government. And if they don’t mind waiting in long lines, along with unemployment, they can now get housing assistance, a “food” credit card, a cell phone, and a host of other benefits. Welcome to Sugar Land.

The added benefit for most is they can go on their hustle. A hustle is a little “somethin’ somethin’” that the government doesn’t have to know anything about. A cash deal or a barter. The government encourages this behavior, because you can only go so far with a hustle. Once you’re on the hustle, the government has you right where they want you. Voting Democrat.

Merry Socialistmas, this year and next!

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