Is Gov’t or Are Doctors Meaner?

On MLK’s birthday, Fox News featured Jim Clyburn (D-SC) who took the opportunity to tell America that Dr. King would have wanted nationalized healthcare.  Healthcare is about “civil rights.” I guess doctors and hospitals are the new racists, because the only person who can deny you healthcare, at least for now, is a healthcare giver.

In America, where the healthcare system according to Liberals is worse than Cuba’s, we have Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), the Congresswoman who was recently shot by the Obama-loving, Liberal fanatic, being flown to Houston for the best possible healthcare in the world! Giffords could have been flown anywhere, but her family selected Houston, Texas.  It should be noted that the survivability of a bullet to the head in Cuba, China, Russia, and about 99 percent of the world is 0 percent.

Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) , black Congressional poverty pimp was on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto holding up a picture of a lady who was receiving life-saving treatment on Medicare, claiming that the woman could have died without, get this…ObamaCare. Yet the woman in the picture was very much alive and being treated at taxpayer expense, not under ObamaCare.

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Cavuto implored Lee to make the connection between the photo and the prospect of repeal of ObamaCare since the lady was not being treated under ObamaCare but Medicare.  Lee deflected, saying essentially that government should be in control of healthcare, because government saves lives.

Government very well may save lives; but what we know with certainty is government doesn’t save money.

You have to question the motives of those who know that America has the best healthcare system in the world. I know the simple answer is “follow the money,” but I really do enjoy autopsying the brains of Liberals. Are they really so cruel as to want to dumb-down everything that has made America great. None of the Liberal elite has any plan on using the systems that they implement for us. They shamelessly create these “us versus them” scenarios that allow for only one real winner…the powerful.

Giffords, a Congresswoman will get the best treatment money can buy, in the best healthcare system in the world. And as we say in the black community, “I ain’t mad atcha.” I’m happy that Giffords could survive a bullet to the HEAD! Had Giffords been shot in Canada, she’d still be on a waiting list for surgery. Not in America.

Giffords was rushed to the hospital, and nobody asked for her medical credentials, they just operated. Did they save her life because she is one of America’s elites? Did they save her life, because she could afford it? Did they save her life, because they could? Don’t know, don’t care, and neither does Giffords or her family. Just know that if Giffords had been in the same situation in almost any country in the world, neither her status nor her money could have saved her, because they have inferior medical care.

Did anybody in Washington ever watch ER, or Grey’s Anatomy, or HOUSE for goodness sake. Even Hollywood gets it. Sure Hollywood will tell the stories of the poor and downtrodden being denied healthcare by the mean old insurance companies, as in the movie John Q, where Denzel can’t get treatment for his child. Of course it was the insurance company’s fault. What gets overlooked is all the people being treated in America for FREE. And not just in the people in trauma. In Hollywood as in life, our hospitals are treating almost all who visit for the most part. America currently has the closest thing to nationalized healthcare in the world.

But Hollywood is far more revealing about the heinous nature of my government, when they show just how much power the Fed can invoke over the citizenry. In the movie Enemy of the State, the Fed decides to ruin the life of an attorney because of something they “thought” he possessed. They didn’t even know what they were looking for. How many “movies” can you recall where the government was the bad guy? Yes, LOTS.

But Liberals trust the government. Forget Hollywood (conveniently) and despite the in your face examples that are openly showcased all the time, government is benevolent. Government will protect us. The same government that Liberals are angry at for “putting our troops in harm’s way.”

I don’t know how many ways to tell you that Liberals are LUNATICS! Sheila Jackson Lee in the aforementioned interview actually used the L-word…LOGIC in describing that a woman getting treatment under Medicare would have been DEAD had it not been for ObamaCare.  To a Liberal, that is logical. The same black leader who says that government is so corrupt and is “keepin’ a brotha down,” wants the very same government to have all the power. I won’t allow them to have it both ways.

Either the doctors and hospitals are racist, or the government is. Both groups have the ability to oppress. Doctors and hospitals treat patients every day who can’t pay, so I can’t connect the dots on their racism. Government on the other hand is doing what government does best…meddling and not saving lives.

I suspect that when government takes over healthcare, if you are choking on a chicken bone don’t expect the Heimlich maneuver. That is unless you show your ObamaCare card.

That’s my rant!

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