Kiss the Pyramids Goodbye

You know that Hillary Clinton is having an “easy” button crafted for the situation in Egypt. The translation will be wrong like the Russian button she created, except this one will be presented to whomever ends up in charge in Egypt, and the inscription on the button will read “Armageddon” in Arabic.

This is what happens  when the parents go on vacation, leaving the teenagers in charge of the house…in this case, the White House. Egypt may be to Obama, as Iran was to Carter. The sad thing is that Obama is performing worse than Carter, and Egypt didn’t take any American hostages.

One would think that Obama would have a much more firm grip on African politics than most. After all, he is of African descent. Yet Obama seems distracted, if not downright detached. What was my clue? Putting a rookie in charge of America’s foreign policy.

Rookie #1 didn’t disappoint and hired rookie #2, and based solely on political payback. You know that Obama and SoS Clinton can’t stand each other. It seems these days they are both vying for “Who’s more stupid than Biden?”

Regardless of how it happened, we now have Hillary Clinton in charge of representing America.  I thought that was Ms. America’s job? Ms. America certainly has a better chance at “world peace,” than Hillary.  Not to mention, if you were to pick a person to represent America, how many people would pick Hillary Clinton? Do we want the rest of the world thinking America is a mean-spirited, ball-busting, wife of a professional scoundrel? I don’t think so. Hillary Clinton controlling America’s foreign policy is like giving a toddler a loaded handgun.

Hillary was set up; not to imply that she was ever competent to begin with. Nevertheless, Obama still wanted to make her look extremely incompetent. Mission accomplished.  I know there are people who believe in Hillary, and my writing anything negative about her makes me lose a couple of readers. Pssst. I defy any of them to name me anything that Hillary has done that has truly impressed them, besides parlay the life of her husband into a political career…just like her boss!

Egypt is the closest thing to a democracy in Northern Africa, ergo the Middle East, at least from the Afro-Arab point of view, and the Obama administration is blowing it.  That government is in danger of disappearing, becoming the new millennium version of Iran, all because we have the Addams family running the show.

The world is exponentially less safe under Obama. The U.S. can’t protect our borders, with Mexican cartels controlling the borders of America. Rogue regimes are building nuclear weapons, daring the U.S. to intervene.  Meanwhile, Obama gets rid of our nuclear arsenal  and is designing new draperies for the military.

When it comes to running the country, Obama has checked out. He reminds me of a meth tweaker, who moves from project to project finishing none. His projects make no sense too. Let me see, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, or the safety of the world?

Let me put it this way.  I’d cancel that Egyptian vacation. If you’re American and haven’t seen the pyramids in person by now, you may have to kiss the pyramids goodbye.

That’s my rant!

© 2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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