Left wants Reaganized Obama

The dirt is not over the casket of the November 2010 election, and Obama has had a rebirth, at least according to the Left. Obama is fresh off wins from Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the START treaty, and all of a sudden, disco is back. Obama is now “The Comeback Kid.”

The comparisons of Obama to Ronald Reagan by the Left were inevitable. For all their hatred of Reagan and the Right’s almost zombie-like adoration of the man, the Left seems to be the ones quick to make the comparisons.   Frank Rich of the NY Times notes:

In January 1983, Reagan’s approval rating was much worse than Obama’s — 35 percent. So was the unemployment rate (10.4 percent vs. our current 9.4 percent) as Americans struggled to recover from what was then the deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Reagan of course went on to torch Walter Mondale, winning 49 out of 50 states in what might of the largest landslide in presidential history. The Left would so like a repeat of Reagan in this respect, they actually have the nerve to compare Reagan’s style to that of Obama.  Laughable. Compared to Reagan, Obama is a pig on ice.

Obama’s poll numbers have slowly crept back up, cresting the 50% mark for a minute. The Left relies on the false idea that Obama can run the country better than the Republicans.  Essentially the Left is counting on the Republicans to do what they normally do, which is to screw up royally. Admittedly, that strategy is a possibility, and the Republicans certainly don’t have a visible Reagan at this point. Neither do the Left.

Obama is only a shell of Obama v2008. Obama v2010 has been exposed to America as a lying, radical, and typical tax and spend Liberal. A good speech here and there or some photo-op is not going to cut it, as Obama’s performance is something he can’t hide from prying eyes.

During Obama’s heyday, he could not ignite anything close to the passion of the Tea Party. He tried to make it blacker with the Coffee Party, but that evaporated faster than a whisper in a thunderstorm. The Left will never mount a serious challenge to the Tea Party, because they simply cannot build passion for an ideology that has so many contradictions.  America is a racist melting pot? America is a mean country where everybody wants to live? Go to an embassy in any country, and see which line is longest.

Obama is not a leader, but Rich is hopeful that Obama can capture Reagan’s oratory. If it were only oratory people cared about, any actor could win the presidency.  Reagan had oratory and truth! Despite what Liberals try to sell us on Obama, he has neither.  A couple of “ok” speeches does not an orator make, and certainly not a leader. Leaders act and get others to act as well.

Rich is upset that Reagan ridiculed continually the policies of FDR and LBJ, and suggests that Obama should continue the “Blame Bush” meme, and fight harder. Obama let some opportunities escape, as Rich writes of the 9/11 workers relief bill:

…late-night television star, Jon Stewart, could be found taking a victory lap over the bill’s passage on “The Daily Show” last week: they had stepped into the leadership vacuum left by Obama.

Rich believes a comedian had to help Obama fill the void; a comedian. When you think of it, we’ve had a comedian in the White House for over two years. America has witnessed a comedy of errors for sure.

Rich believes the reason for the Reagan landslide was based on the perception that the economy had turned around. Was Rich around in the ‘80s?! Reagan painted a vision for America that everybody saw, his campaign slogan was “Leadership That’s Working.”

Reagan’s leadership was working. Reagan had taken over from a grossly incompetent president, and turned the country around. All Americans had the Chrissy Matthews tingle up their legs, because Reagan raised the tide for all boats and America experienced prosperity that lasted for decades. All Obama did was crash the party, drink all our liquor, eat all our food, then say he’d see us at the next get-together.

Liberals know that now that the glitz is gone from electing the first half-black president.  They will have to rally the black vote, yet again in 2012, regardless of who the Democrat nominee is, as there is no guarantee it will be Obama.  If he does make it, there will be some blacks who will rally to try to keep him in office, but the numbers of blacks voting for Obama will drop this election.

Here’s the wrap:

Obama is all out of slogans. “Keep hope and change” will not work. Obama’s Svengali-like affect on people has passed. He is back to being a mere mortal. There will be no mention of Obama as the messiah or god-like in anyway in the coming election. He won’t have to “lower expectations.”

Unlike during the time of Reagan, unemployment will not go down, as least not significantly enough for Obama’s policies to appear to be working, though this won’t likely prevent him from attempting to steal Reagan’s slogan from 1984. It won’t work.

I’m not sure the Republicans have the answer, because they refuse to listen outside of the GOP echo-chamber. If they do begin listening to people like me and other black Conservatives, this will be an easy victory in 2012. Black Conservatives can paraphrase to Obama what Lloyd Bentsen said to Dan Quayle, “You’re no black Ronald Reagan.”

That’s my rant!

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