Obama Can’t Save Olbermann’s Job

How an untalented and quite disturbed troglodyte like Keith Olbermann got somebody to pony up $7M a year for his schtick, well that’s one for the record books. For now however, Olbermann is a casualty of Obama’s stimulation and a casualty of Keith Olbermann, too.

The lamestream media reported that Olbermann’s departure from MSNBC was Olbermann’s decision. “Rosie” chance. If that was the case, then why in his final MSNBC appearance did he reference, “the last time this happened, I was given 30 seconds” to wrap up, and say his gravy train has hit the end of the line?

Olbermann was on MSNBC for eight years. Put another way, the Olbermann Express ran eight years too long:  IT HAD NO PASSENGERS. Conservatives often joked about MSNBC ratings, but Olbermann’s ratings were dismal.  Good ratings were obviously not a part of his contract. {Note to self:  Find name of Olbermann’s agent. This guy is the ghost of Houdini!}

Olbermann was the flagship guy for MSNBC. Mr. Primetime. The anchor of MSNBC’s seaborne vessel, a canoe in comparison to Fox News’ 250 foot triple-decker luxury yacht.

Flagship or not, I can’t even imagine that Olbermann takes himself seriously.  Olbermann’s YouTube snippets are legendary in their bass-ackwardness, and I’d be willing to bet that Olbermann had higher viewership on YouTube, than he did at prime time.

The dude just seems angry, but angry for no reason. As much as I can’t stand Liberals’ politics, I still manage to “walk amongst them.” We visit each other, have the occasional BBQ, birthday parties, and manage to stay away from political discussions for the most part.  Occasionally I am able to redeem one of them in a hostage trade:  I’ll trade you one RINO for two redeemable Liberals.

Olbermann was just vile, or as one article euphemistically described him, “mercurial.” Because when it comes to ego, Olbermann’s vat speweth over. He seemed determined to let his few viewers know just how smart he was, and more importantly just how dumb they were. Remember, these were the people he wanted to like him. Olbermann is the guy who would spend five minutes with an expert, only to think he had become more expert than the expert. He does this because he wants to be taken seriously. Who claims Ivy League credentials from Cornell, when you actually attended Cornell Ag school?

And if you think Olbermann wanted to be considered a serious journalist, that was nothing in comparison to his need to entertain.  Olbermann’s show monologues were like a bad porn script. The occasions where I caught his act had me laughing out loud…at him. Like this jewel of a commentary he made on Jan 18, the night before the Massachusett’s special election:

In Scott Brown, we have an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, tea-bagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees. In any other time in our history, this man would have been laughed off the stage as unqualified and a disaster in the making by the most conservative of conservatives.

Almost all of us have worked with an Olbermann.  Olbermann is every company’s unbelievably narcissistic guy who enters the break room talking loudly, dismissing those around him.  He grabs a coffee, steals a few donuts; then he gives his opinion to the discussion that was none of his business and blows out of the break room like a tornado, and with the same aftermath. The rest of us remain shaking our heads wondering, “Where does he keep the controversial pictures of the CEO, because that’s the only way he keeps his job?!”

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Well somebody must have finally found Olbermann’s stash. Amazingly Olbermann is such an egomaniac, he never saw his dismissal coming. When most people lose a job, they have some indication that things aren’t working out.  A bad review. Too fat of a salary. A dismal quarterly or annual report. Olbermann had the trifecta.  His show is a snoozefest, he was grossly overpaid, and his network is in triage.

Add to this Olbermann’s reputation for acting like an egomaniacal, spoiled teen idol and management nightmare, and you know the inevitable outcome.  Yet Olbermann didn’t seem to have a clue he was getting smoked. How detached is that?

Being honest, Olbermann’s departure from MSNBC is not even news, hardly worth me blogging about it. Then again there may be something symbolic about his departure. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me to see Rachel Maddow and Chrissy Matthews gone soon. MSNBC pays these people a lot of money to be shills of the Left. Why not just let Obama hire them directly as czars or something.  Or perhaps Michelle can hire them as part of her entourage? Because if Olbermann’s show was the highlight, one can only imagine the ratings on Maddow’s and Matthew’s shows.

For all the criticism of Fox from the Left, Fox does feature the Left’s point of view, far more than MSNBC presents the Right’s. What’s so bad about giving America two choices of views?

As for Olbermann, I have to admit that I will miss him in a way. We need the company blowhard to tease both to his face and behind his back. Let’s just say the break room will be less vibrant for a while.

That’s my rant!

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